Football League thread


Bolton take the lead!

Burton going down again now, they need to win.


Massive lead for Bolton!


Forest score. Bolton’s lead wasn’t long.


Nottingham up again! Burton safe atm.


Wow Burton who would have thought that


Fulham pull one back! Not over yet for the 2nd spot!


This is it. Final 5 minutes + injury time.


Ooh Bolton


FFS! Bolton equalize again! Crazy final minutes!


BOLTON 3-2 what


CHEATERS! THAT’S A ROBBERY, TBH! Can’t believe they have scored again!
That’s it for Fulham! 3-1 Birmingham!


Fuck sake wanted Burton to stay up…


Oh fuck off Bolton


Preston score. Such a sad end for Burton. They were safe until 2 minutes ago :xhaka:


Ah well. Great achievement by big Nige and Burton none the less

They were dead and buried a couple of months back. So they did well just to take it to the last day!


Another fucking useless season for Leeds and their scummy fans in mediocrity. Stoke coming to a ground near you soon.


Cardiff are promoted. Fulham’s unbeaten run comes to an end in the worst way, instead. Aston Villa, Middlesbrough and Derby qualify to the playoffs, while Sunderland, Burton and Barnsley get relegated.
Pathetic from Nottingham, as they conceded 2 goals in 1 minute, allowing Bolton to stay up.

Final verdicts:

Promoted: Wolverhampton and Cardiff
Playoffs: Fulham, Aston Villa, Middlesbrough and Derby County
Relegated: Sunderland, Burton and Barnsley


Playoffs start on Friday. Pray for Fulham, but playoffs are so unpredictable – we’re probably end up with fucking Pulis!




How young is young Bali exactly?