Football League thread




Smash and grab

Mick McCarthy is good for a quote, but I bloody hate him!

Ahhh great end to the match!


WHAT THE FUCK was the Ipswich keeper doing?! :see_no_evil:


Getting into league football there, eh Calum? :wink:


I like the big Championship games :wink:


Ah a glory hunting league football fan.

League football is not just for Christmas :grin:


1-1 FT.

1-0 Ipswich

1-1 Norwich



Bristol 2-0 up at HT against Leeds.
2-2 FT! Big comeback for Leeds, albeit they are still 8 points behind the playoffs zone.


Midweek’s games today and tomorrow.
Aston Villa 1-0 down against Preston. The Lancashire outfit are six now. Middlesbrough, Sheffield United and Brentford up as well in the playoffs zone. Bolton up against Sunderland and Burton against Barnsley in the relegation zone, instead. Millwall-Sheffield Wednesday 0-1 and Nottingham-Reading 0-1.


Aston Villa are losing because they only have 10 men – John Terry isn’t really there, he’s in the tunnel at Stamford Bridge ready and waiting in full kit


I think someone died in the Sheffield Wednesday match



Yeah just saw this.

Thornily was actually on the floor holding his head before Millwall scored their second goal/the winner, but the ref played on. The game is supposed to be stopped immediately for a head injury!


Aston Villa draw in the end. Cardiff have a big chance to increase their gap on the 3rd spot now. Brentford, Middlesbrough and Sheffield United win, instead. Big wins for Bolton and Burton on the bottom. Nottingham-Reading 1-1 and Millwall-Sheffield Wednesday 2-1.


It’s absolutely fucking mental leaving the decision about whether or not a player needs medical treatment in the hands of a ref. The physio/whoever should just be allowed onto the field. I think it would stop lots of the play acting bollocks overnight.


Come on you Brewers! The unlikely escape is on. Ridiculous fixtures for them coming up though, made tonight a must win


I’m sure they’ll fly up the table now they can actually use their record signing :grinning:


Apart from Wolverhampton, everyone is drawing in today’s games.


I honestly believe that when Wolves come up, provided they keep hold of their players, they’ll get into the top 10.