Football League thread


It basically means nothing lol! It’s like a white towel :smile:


That is shite.


Even other clubs are having a dig, lol


Loving the Pro Evo references.


Leeds to reopen consultation over ‘dreadful’ crest




Backtracking already, not great signs for the people’s elbow :confused:


4 games today despite the F.A. Cup: Bristol, Wolverhampton, Fulham and Norwich all win.


Err there were more than 4 games. The football league is more than just the Championship :xhaka:


Colchester 2-2 against Port Vale. 2 more points dropped for you :arteta:


Hmmm. We were in the play off positions a couple of months ago, now we can’t buy a win. Out of the last 5 games, we’ve drawn 3 and lost 2.

Most of the teams above us have 2 games in hand too :grimacing:


Colchester bottling like Arsenal :mustafi:


The amount of dribbles ffs lol


Who knew that pulis could be so good at tutoring players


He does that a lot to be honest. There are often stats about his dribbles. Didn’t he complete the most dribbles in the Premier League last season?

He’s been good recently. Had a fantastic game against QPR last weekend. After that game, someone said they hadn’t seen a player look so far above that level since Taarabt. Might be a good blueprint, if he can tear teams apart in the way Taarabt did then Boro will shoot up the table.


At 75, Tim Cahill is still playing football…


I thought he was dead, tbh.


If he doesn’t do well for Milwall he may well be.


This man isn’t going to let go of the rope, will score at a 4th consecutive World Cup in Russia :heart_eyes:


I’m probably in the minority here but I love Tim Cahill. Great player and personality. :henry: