Football League thread


0-0 FT.


Shit big game there Luca :wink:


I still have no idea why @Calum posts in this thread considering he doesn’t “give a fuck” about non PL football.


Just don’t like how it stops the PL 3pm games being on tv. I don’t give a fuck for any league other than the PL but doesn’t mean I can’t post in the Ligue 1 La Liga Bundesliga or Seria A thread’s does it? :wink:

Why has that comment from ages ago still triggered you so much lol


That comment? Lol. It was more than one comment. And it wasn’t just a “comment”. You find the FL a waste of space. I mean, tell me, how often have you watched a football league match?

But now you mention it, stop commenting on those other leagues too


Probably The Sheffield Derby back in November I think because their wasn’t double Super Sunday that weekend.

Football League is only good at the playoff finals. Only time I watch the games.

I’ve never said its a waste of space either I just don’t care about it and you took mass offence to it :joy:


Anyway, just to annoy @Calum while Arsenal are playing tomorrow, I am going to be in the awful named Weston Homes Community Stadium watching Colchester


No it isn’t


Didn’t watch it, but as the 2nd and the 5th in the table were playing, it was supposed to be a good one.


Wolverhampton 2-0 at HT against Nottingham. That’s a big surprise. Aston Villa going through a great period, as they are thrashing Barnsley. Sheffield United, Fulham and Middlesbrough up as well, while Leeds lose. Sunderland up against Hull in relegation dogfight. Bolton-Ipswich 0-0, Preston-Birmingham 1-0 and Reading-Brentford 0-0.
Wolverhampton get beaten at home by Nottingham. Massive shock! Villa win and go 3 points behind the 2nd spot, instead. Brentford, Sheffield United, Fulham and Middlesbrough win as well, while crazy game in Leeds. Leeds were 2-0 and 1 man down, then they go 3-2 up, but they lost 4-3 in the end. Massive win for Sunderland against Hull. Preston-Birmingham 1-1, Bolton-Ipswich 1-1 and Bolton-Ipswich 1-1.
Sheffield Wednesday-Cardiff now.
0-0 FT.




Leeds fans aren’t happy with their new crest :speak_no_evil:


Oh god I can see why!

It’s like one of the crappy badges you get on a football game for your phone


Yeah, I’m thinking the 10,000 people they consulted were in fact Man United and Huddersfield fans.


It has a nice design, sure.

But no feeling or purpose whatsoever. It’s not like that chest tap thing is ‘their’ thing. Not for me, anyway.

Kinda looks like a logo template you download to customize yourself.


“Pro Evo” is now trending on Twitter… :grin:






The more I see of all these awful crest re-designs (Juventus, Leeds), the more I’m starting to realise we got away with it really. Ours is merely bland and boring like West Ham’s and designed for easy replication, but at least it’s not offensively bad like Juventus or Leeds