Football League thread


Derby marching on in the 2nd position. 1-0 at HT against Sheffield United. Cardiff draw, instead. Sheffield Wednesday going through a big crisis, as they are losing at home against Burton. Pulis not doing well as well. He is 2-1 down against Preston. Norwich-Millwall 0-1, Bolton-Hull 1-0, Sunderland-Barnsley 0-0 and Leeds-Nottingham 0-0.



Third defeat in a row for Cardiff and big crisis going on. Derby didn’t take advantage of it, as they drew against Sheffield United. Comeback for Pulis, with his 2nd win in 3 games as Middlesbrough manager. Norwich, Barnsley and Burton win as well. Leeds-Nottingham 0-0.
Big match Aston Villa-Bristol City now.
2-0 Villa at HT.


Villa aren’t getting promotion are they? :grimacing: Would be a real downer in the season we could finally get rid of Stoke


Our nightmare would be finally over :slight_smile:

Villa are currently 5th so they would play in the playoffs.


John Terry could be back in the Premier League :gabriel:


5-0 Villa FT! Wow!


aaawww dont you find him handsome?


Think I’m gonna start watching this instead of the PL. Seems like a much more interesting competition where the actual best teams shine as opposed to whoever just spends the most money. Fuck the PL boring shit with a bought and paid for trophy.


Fulham - Ipswich, Wolves - Brentford and Reading - Birmingham today.
Ipswich up, while Wolverhampton draw. Birmingham up as well.



wow that is very arsenalesque!


The scoring or conceding? I’d say neither are tbh.


Wolves marching on and destroying everyone, while Reading are going through a shit season after failing to get promoted last season. Fulham win as well.


Well err that went well


Was about to post it. Colchester ahahah! :arteta: :rofl:


The Steel Derby is 0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT. Sheffield Wednesday are having a really poor season. Guess it’s only about staying up now.


Cardiff are now in second place – Ralls looks like a decent player.

Meanwhile, Sunderland are on track to become the first team in over 30 years to finish bottom of the English top flight and second tier in consecutive seasons :speak_no_evil:


Guess Sunderland are favourite to get relegated again. How did they stay for so long in the Premier League?


Definitely. They’re doomed. Chris Coleman must be regretting taking that job.

The owner Ellis Short has to shoulder some of the blame. He has destroyed that club. And it doesn’t help that he constantly hires the wrong man for the job and then sacks them months later.

I actually read somewhere that in Sunderland’s 138 year history, 31% of their managers have been hired by him - and he has been there less than 10 years!