Football League thread




I should have known it. You do hate me. Have to live with it.


0-0 between Bristol City and Middlesbrough at HT.
2-1 Bristol FT. They are flying high.



was it because he was a bit of a whoring slutsky?


They were just using him.


He’ll easily find a new club soon


He’s better off out of it. Being on a sinking ship with both your arms tied behind your back doesn’t sound like much fun.

The problems at Hull start at the top. The owners are killing the club. They started off by saying Hull City is irrelevant and decided that everyone should refer to them as the Tigers instead. And then they told the lifelong fans who dared complain that they can go die!

Assem Allam also had a row with the council and removed a Hull City Council sign from outside the stadium, which isn’t at all petty… I’m sure he got rid of concession tickets for kids and OAPs too. It’s as if the board have regular meetings entitled, “new ways to piss off the fans”.


Wolverhampton leading Birmingham at HT.
Wolverhampton win. They are literally dominating the league.


Bristol City leading Sheffield United at HT. Great goal.


Updated their gifs for Christmas :smiley:

Sexy Purple kit. Fun gifs. I like BC.



Image our players with those gifs :mustafi:


2-1 Bristol FT. They are 3rd atm.

1-1 Sheffield

2-1 Bristol


Derby, Middlesbrough and Fulham all up at the end of the first half, while the others draw.


I’m a lucky charm. Colchester are almost in the playoff places. Only GD is keeping us out. We’re getting there :sunglasses:

Also, Exeter have a player called Archibald-Henville. One of the poshest names in the football league


Great draw for Sunderland against Wolverhampton. 0-0 FT. Derby keep their momentum going, as they beat Barnsley 3-1. They are 4th now, as Villa draw against Millwall. Fulham, Hull and Middlesbrough are back to the winning way. Nottingham-Bolton 3-2, Q.P.R.-Leeds 1-3 and Burton-Preston 1-2.
Norwich-Sheffield Wednesday now.
Sheffield leading at HT.
3-1 FT for Norwich.


Colchester’s Call of Duty celebration yesterday… :slightly_smiling_face:


Reading are leading Cardiff 2-0 at HT. Big surprise here.

1-0 Reading

2-0 Cardiff

Great come back from Cardiff in the second half. 2-2 FT.

2-1 Cardiff

2-2 Cardiff



Why isn’t Ruben Neves in the Premier League?