Football League thread


You need an app or something rival Livescore with haha


have you not seen Luca’s TV?



An actual away point for Colchester. Progress :kos2:


Good point in the fight to avoid relegation :wink:


Big win for Cardiff against Leeds. Now they are back to the top. Middlesbrough at home so they are still failing to impose themselves in the league. Nightmare period for Hull and Sunderland. Villa climbing up the table. Barnsley-Q.P.R. 1-1, Brentford-Derby 1-1, Bristol City-Bolton 2-0, Millwall-Reading 2-1 and Nottingham-Fulham 1-3.


Sunderland have continued their PL form to the Championship lol.


I went to the Bristol city game tonight.

First half was fucking shocking, nothing but hood ball and headers it was like both teams were allergic to playing it on the ground. I guess that’s what you get when 70% of the players are fucking 6’3" monsters.

Then Bolton got Morais sent off in the 45th minute before the half and Bristol really switched it on when they came out. Could have scored like 3 or 4 goals, they were pretty impressive especially Reid and O’Dowda.

Good night out but Bolton are fucking shite and deserve to be last. Barely any away fans either, but that’s understandable.


Someone at Bristol City didn’t get the memo about Bolton’s away numbers :thinking:


Yeah the away end is always totally empty. I went to Bristol Norwich last season and it was only marginally more full. It’s like they just say “fuck it they can just have the stand, less bother for us”.


Do you go and watch Bristol Rovers too? Or are you strictly City?


Nah just City, they’re a bit easier for me and my mate to get to. I know that Rovers are the “real” Bristol team but it’s just worked out this way for us, helps that my mate works around the corner from Ashton Gate.


I bet if Bendtner signed for Bristol Rovers you’d suddenly find them a bit easier to get to :speak_no_evil:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Incredible.

Incase you don’t know Bristol have funny celebration gifs for each of their players when they score for a laugh and that one is the best yet… :joy:


Sheffield United 1-0 up at HT, while Wednesday are drawing.
Sheffield United are second after beating Wolverhampton. Wednesday lost, instead.


Big derby between Q.P.R. and Fulham this evening.
1-0 Fulham at HT. They seem to have found their good form again after a difficult start.
2-1 FT for Fulham. They are climbing up the table.


Cardiff 0-0 at HT against Derby, while Wolverhampton are winning easily. Sheffield United down away from home against Nottingham. Great moment for Villa and Bristol who are in the playoffs zone now. Middlesbrough are in crisis, as they are 1-0 down at home against Brentford. Finally a lead for Hull and Sunderland. Millwall-Barnsley 1-1.
Cardiff 0-0 FT against Derby. Wolverhampton take advantage of it, as they are just 1 point behind them now. Sheffield United lose, instead. Great run of form for Villa and Bristol City. Boro still struggling, with a 2-2 against Brentford. Finally a joy for Hull and Sunderland. Millwall-Barnsley 1-3. Reading-Norwich now.


Colchester won away from home for the first time in about 17 years :dancer::man_dancing:


1-1 between Reading and Norwich at HT.
Another defeat for Reading. Guess Stam is getting the sack now.


Another defeat for Leeds. They lost 3-0 to Sheffield Wednesday.