Football League thread

Lol I rate forest tbf. Nah I deleted because I saw it was about Watford then remembered they got relegated so it does belong here :slight_smile:

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Forest Green are Bellerin’s team


Be a shame leaving a well run relevant club for a poorly irrelevant one with no identity.


MailOnline Sport


Watford ‘are in talks with League Two winners Forest Green Rovers boss Rob Edwards’ to replace retiring Roy Hodgson

After watching Ranieri and Hodgson struggle, perhaps Watford should try a manager who doesn’t need a bus pass to get to work.

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Championship play offs kick off tonight. Hoping Luton can overcome Huddersfield. Huddersfield’s dross football is still fresh in my mind for me to want to welcome them back.

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Looked like Huddersfield were all over them. Luton escaped with a 1-1 at home.

I wouldn’t bet against Huddersfield winning comfortably at home but stranger things have happened. Like the majority of the forum, I’d rather see Forest or Luton up as opposed to the Yorkshire clubs.

Both teams had chances, but yeah Huddersfield looked most likely to win it. And Luton were very lucky not to concede a penalty in the first 10 seconds. Ref bottled it because it was so early on. And obviously no VAR at this level.

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Go on the Forest :cowboy_hat_face:

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Forest have played some amazing counter attacking football this half @Phoebica

They’ve gotta make it count with another goal

Yeah they’re all over Sheff United. Can’t believe it’s still only 1-0.

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Did I hear that correctly?

If Forest get promoted, Paul McCartney will perform Mull of Kintyre at the City Ground.

Let it Be

0-2 now. They got this.

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Brilliant from Forest. Joy to watch.

Sheffield scored. :grimacing:
@DavidHillier’s boy Sandy Burger.

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Shame to concede at the end, but Forest should still have enough at home to get through

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Do you know when the second legs of the championship play off finals are being played?

I would check on bbc sport but I’d have to sift through that inevitable wankfest of the murdering bin dippers first.

Well Forest are playing Sheff United at home on Tuesday. I assume the other one is Monday, but I don’t know for sure and I don’t car.

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I didn’t ask if you were able to drive, but this is good to know. :slight_smile: