Football League thread


Monk has resigned as Leeds manager.


Blackpool with a proper strong boycott at Wembley this afternoon!


Blackpool are promoted to the League One.


What’s the point of Blackpool getting promotion?

Their supporters clearly don’t want it if they don’t turn out here


Their owners are absolute scum. They’ve ruined the club and have sued fans and have mocked them on social media. They’ve also taken money out - the 100+m they got for PL promotion-, refused to invest and also refuse to sell.

Not to mention their owner got convicted of raping a 16 year old girl in the 90s.


The Blackpool owners are a nightmare but if it was me I wouldn’t let that ruin a day out and potential promotion celebration. I would boycott the home games for sure but I’m not quite sure what boycotting a game in Wembley will achieve apart from that rather striking visual.


Great news for Northampton.


Maybe they have it wrong, maybe the chinese firm wants 60% of the town Northampton :giroud3:

The engrish created a mix-up


Here we go! The Championship starts today.


Sunderland starting as they mean to go on, I see.


Shit squad in turmoil. They could get relegated again.
The Stadium of Light is empty.
That was a bit of a dive, tbh.
Great save by Carson here. Sunderland player was really close.
Derby have had only one shot on target so far, but it has counted.
Nottingham take the lead thanks to McKay.


Well, Sunderland should have scored here. Bad miss.
Sunderland fans leaving early again.
1-1 in Sunderland, while Nottingham win.


You really are dedicated to football if you watch fucking Sunderland play in the Championship lol


Cheers mate! :wink:


Fulham-Norwich should be interesting now.
Fulham have started strongly. They do play really well.
What a start! Fulham are playing Norwich off the park.
Fulham should already be 2-0 up.
What a save by Button! Norwich almost scored against the run of play.


Bristol City take the lead.
Norwich have taken control of the game now. Another good chance for them.
Fantastic end-to-end stuff! Norwich with a truly golden chance again.
Q.P.R. up against Reading and 2-0 Bristol City.
Martin’s own goal for Norwich. But Sessegnon was majestic here.
How did Fulham not score here?
3-0 Bristol City and game over.
Wolves take the lead against Boro.
Fulham play way better than some Premier League teams.
Aluko close to score a beauty.
Sheffield 1-0 up against Brentford.


Aluko tries another beauty. Unlucky not to score.
Ipswich take the lead against Birmingham.
Fulham are a joy to watch. Fast, attacking football.
2-0 Q.P.R.
The game has slowed down a bit now.
Preston score against Sheffield Wednesday, so Cardiff against Burton.
Almost an own goal by Fulham.
Nice equalizer by Norwich when you think Fulham had sealed it.
Consolation goal for Barnsley.
Some favourites for this season lost: Sheffield Wednesday, Reading and Middlesbrough. Now Villa-Hull City.


So strange to see Terry with another shirt.
Agbonlahor is still alive! Think he hasn’t played since 2016. And he still misses great chances :smiley:
But now he scores! Great counter.
Hull look proper shit.


The 3 teams I bet on to win their respective leagues all won - Wolves, Bradford and Coventry - so off to a good start :smiley:


Meanwhile, Luton Town-Yeovil Town 8-2 in League Two :cech:
Hogan with almost a Messi-esque here.
Villa are deadly on counter. Almost the 2-0. Bruce knows how to do his job.
1-0 Villa at HT.
1-1 FT.