"Football Inflation" adjusted transfer fees

TotallyMoney have released a table of “football inflation” adjusted transfers which makes for quite interesting reading… The £7.5 million we spent on Bergkamp in 1995 would be the equivalent on £71.3m in today’s market.

The credit report specialists took the average transfer values of players since the English Premier League began in 1992, and compared the increase in transfer costs over time.

From this, they calculated a “football player inflation” to work out how much our favourite footballers would cost if they were bought today.


Nice! Ferdinand £121,700,000 wow :facepalm:

I now think paying 34M for Mustafi is alright :joy:

He would have cost 44M now ffs :joy::joy::joy:

Great find @SRCJJ

Özil 68M wow hah

Alexis 55M

It shows that Man U were the biggest spenders by some distance.
Ferguson regularly broke the transfer record so considering that, and the fact the refs were also on their payroll as well, it’s no wonder he won the League title so many times.

I remember when we broke our record buying Ian Wright doer 2m, which would be the equivalent of around 100m.
It might have been the first occasion Graham had splashed out more than a million on a player, apart from Seaman, but that was definitely one of the best pieces of transfer business the club has made.

Meh. Their methodology is very, very simplistic. They admit it in fairness but still.

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Yeah, it’s not the greatest methodology but it does make for some interesting reading though.

Pogba worth £30m more than Man Utd paid for him last season? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Are these figures in any way skewed by Neymar being £200m? Because I don’t think that’s necessarily reflective of the market.