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Food Cuisines, food experiences, recipes, chefs and programmes etc…

I had my dinner last night at an Italian restaurant in Cairo, called Il Mulino. I had pasta, Fettuccine Salmon & Spinach in creamy lemon sauce :giroud2: … I love Italian Cuisine!


Curries! Made a fuck-off-hot vindaloo tonight! Yum :yum:


You should try the real pesto in Genua. Just amazing!


Yeah, hopefully one day. I had tried this pesto, it’s Italian. But of course a home made pesto in an authentic restaurant should be heaven.


I work as a chef on an off shore oil rig on the Norwegian shelf. Used to work in michelin starred places in London and did a bit of freelance work in Sydney and New York. Best time of my life!

I was traveliing Vietnam, a couple of years ago with the missus and we had grown sick of the rice and noodles everyday so one day for a change we ate out at an Indian restaurant. I love my spice and normally eat a Madras curry all day long so thought I’d try a vindaloo…Big mistake, I thought I was going to die. Generally though the food in Vietnam weas fantastic and is one of my favourite cuisine types.

Ate in Noma in Copenhagen last year that was quite an experience, very good food.

I love all the old school British/Anglo French chefs though, Marci Pierre White, Keith Floyd, Michelle Roux Jr.

Living here in Bergen is quite cool aswell, the seafood is some of the best I’ve eaten and we catch and forage a lot of stuff ourselves. Wild herbs, berries, Garlic, scallops, sea urchin, mackerel, crab, lobster and mushrooms.


Saclà is good. I always bought it when i was living and working in London.


best crisps ever :heart_eyes: