Final prediction: can we make the Europa League?

As @InvincibleDB10 said well in the Wenger thread, it’s about finishing in the Europa League now. Forget about the Champions League, unless we pull out a miracle in the Europa League.

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Luca we aren’t finishing 8th. Calm down hah

Can you see us reaching 60+? I don’t see it atm.

We should do, but why do we need 60 points anyway? Do you think both Leicester and Burnley are going to win 24 out of the 30 points remaining?


It’s just a security tally.

Our last ten PL games we have won three, drawn three and lost four.
We have also lost to Nottingham Forest, Ostersunds and Man City in the cup competitions.

This is mid table form.
I think the gap between us and the teams below us is unlikely to be made up but at some point we still have to pick up points.

Let’s put it this way, there is more chance of finishing out of the Europa League places than catching any of our rivals, although sixth is probably more likely.

Whatever happens, this will be by far the worst season under Wenger.

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I’d rather avoid another season of EL and finish 8th hypothetically but it won’t happen of course. We need Burnley and Leicester to do something lol. Fat chance. However if you finish 6th you play qualifiers for EL, playing v random Romanian teams in July, so we should cheekily throw the games. Playing 1 game a week would give us a much better chance of getting back into top 4 next season

GFI thrives on this stuff.

There’s still an infinitesimal chance of us finishing 7th or lower and that was as clear pre Östersund/Man City/Man City as it is now

It won’t matter how many games a week we play next season if Wenger is manager, we simply won’t get anywhere near top 4. The 1st team has effectively only had 1 game a week this season and look at us.


You have more time to prepare for games without EL tbh, avoids injuries/fatigue too.

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This. We aren’t improving under Wenger. End of it.


Only Brexit can save us now !

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We have had very few injuries either.
Even Wenger has run out of excuses :grinning:

I few games ago I said it’s possible we could finish out of the Europa League places but thought it possible but unlikely.

I’m not so sure after watching the last few games.


This season has already been very light on the players as we’ve been rotating most competitions anyway, yet the team is going nowhere. I think not making it to Europe would really just remove the safety net we still have, even if the chances of us making use of it are slim.

We’ll be okay, Leicester and Burnley won’t win 2 games more than we do.

In a weird way tho I’m interested to see just how far we could fall before Silent Stan actually pulls the trigger on Big Weng. Maybe a loss vs Milan would do it but I doubt it

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Told you we are gonna finish 8th on current form. Leicester and Burnley are better than us.


No .

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In our last fifteen PL games we have got seventeen points which is just over a point a game.
Taken over a whole season this would make us midtable.

If the recent cup losses to Nottingham Forest, Ostersunds and Man City were included, it would be even worse.

It’s a good job we got the season off to a flyer, otherwise we would be out of the Europa League places as well :grinning:

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And getting relegated :wink:

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