FIFA President @Luca_from_Italy 's very good friend Gianni Infantino has been cleared of any breach of ethics codes.

Infantino had been investigated by Fifa’s independent ethics committee over “potential breaches” of rules relating to conflicts of interest, loyalty and offering and accepting gifts.

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Get in there Gianni my son! :ozil2:

England and Scotland about to be punished. :gb:

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ok boys and girls and those inbetween, necro time!


Starting odds on how he will get away:

  1. Some bureaucracy for show, released with a slap on the wrist 9/8
  2. Gets absolutely nothing in the end, then tweets about BLM or the rainforest or something 2/1
  3. The case “is really serious” but in the end gets off entirely on a technical 3/1
  4. Gets “4 months” but gets to spend it throwing parties in his mansion in the alps 7/2
  5. Convicted, removed from FIFA, 9 months later is elected the new president of UEFA 6/1
  6. Convicted, removed from FIFA, surfaces 2 years later as league president in the UAE 8/1
  7. Other (flees to South America + face transplant/body double etc.) 25/1

Luca was right all along what a man. He fucking hated “the bald cunt” :joy::joy::joy:

FIFA World Rankings. How in the fuck do they work?!

Denmark were No. 10 in the world rankings going into the Euros, managed to get the semi-finals and have won 4 out of 4 world cup qualifiers scoring 16 goals and yet somehow the US has unseated Denmark as No. 10 and taken their place. How the fuck does that work?

Not to mention that those fucking Belgian bottling frauds are still World No. 1 despite having never won anything and Italy are behind England in the rankings as well??

What the fuck kind of formula does FIFA use for this farce of a rankings system???

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Probably because they won they Gold Cup this summer. Any competitive games count for the rankings.

Any country who can beat Guatemala and Haiti deserve to be in the top 10 to be fair :sweat_smile:

:grin: :grin:


Yeah, I’d put Italy top, then Argentina, then probably the rest I don’t fucking know. But Denmark definitely top 10, if they were already 10th then definitely higher, and Belgium maybe 6th/7th, with england just above them (but barely).

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Oh for God’s sake. What a ridiculous notion. You’re kind of the world champions, but you’re not because you didn’t come up against the best teams.


England still wouldn’t win it :stuck_out_tongue:

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The winter World Cup has our name on. I’ve genuinely convinced myself of that.

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Certainly worked the last time you were all convinced it was coming home

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Never gonna win anything all the time negative Gareth is in charge…

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Tbf 3 players missing pens out of his hands.

Yeah, but at home, it should never have gone to penalties, if he had any bollocks!

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There’s validity in that argument too.

They will explore it, and then bin it because it’s a fucking stupid idea.