FIFA Women's World Cup 2019

Starts tonight, hosts France kick off against South Korea, at 20:00.


England play Scotland! On Sunday 17:00

Top 5 Favourites with Bookies

  1. France
  2. USA
  3. Germany
  4. England
  5. Netherlands

Scotland in a World Cup. Tears in my eyes :wenger2:


Shame that the world’s best player won’t be there. At least she’ll have time to work on her tweaking though.

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Who has the biggest boobies?

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:see_no_evil: well you never know.


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Arsenal representing with a lot of great players :grinning:

Korea all over the place! 1-0 France already

‘Women against girls.’



After how easy Renard got her first goal (header from a corner) I had to put money on her to get a second. Korea simply can’t defend it.

Do most of France’s players play for Lyon? That and home advantage – it’s no wonder they’re favourites!

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Gabby Logan: “What do Scotland need to do to get out the group?”

Dion Dublin : “I think they’ve got to score more goals…than the opposing team.”

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I watched a bit of this while waiting for Love Island to start and seen that goal happen live and couldn’t think of who she reminded me of…

That’s it :joy::joy::joy:

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What a powerhouse she is. Must be the tallest player at the World Cup.

Decent tournament in prospect here and good coverage being given by the BBC. Just need to be a little careful they dont over hype this though for me.
Its a great opportunity for the womens game to promote itself especially for young girls but please exercise a bit of caution on the superlatives.
express all the positives to the max but dont mask the importance of improvement needed on other aspects.
If you dont address and give an honest assessment the entrenched mindset of people needing to change outlook will be a free hit on ridicule.

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Germany - China very lively so far. Chances for both. 15 minutes in.

Tomorrow is the first time I’m gonna watch a women’s game from start to finish.

Scotland Vs England. Come on you Scots! :wink:

Hope it’s a great weekend for us. Men beat Cyprus tonight and a famous win tomorrow!!


Two fairly cheap penalties for Spain. Sending off as well. Big VAR moment, very controversial.

Heartbreak for RSA.