FIFA Proposes Allowing 5 Substitutions

This is an interesting proposal and could help alleviate fixture congestion and fatigue if leagues are cramming games in.

Thoughts ladies and gents?

Seems like a sound idea

I’m not sure Arsenal have 5 player worth bringing on


Makes sense for sure if fixtures are going to be crammed into a short period of time.

They should try and figure out a way of minimising the potential impact of time wasting though. Either strictly add on every second the player takes to go off, or be a lot more strict with yellow carding players who are slow to come off.

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True! Could put us in a sticky situation :grin:

It’s dumb that it took this long. Should be able to have 10/11 on the bench too.

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This takes us to the over a hundred minutes a match. Cba watching football for that long. Not for me thanks.

Article says it would still only be three stoppages allowed per team so no change there. Would just be a lot more double subs.

Or even the lesser spotted triple change!