Fidel Castro has died


I make no excuses for the fuckery of the United States’ government with respect to assassination attempts.


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I already answered that question. If you weren’t so busy setting up some “AHA! whiteguiltliberalsidolizedictotor” post, which anyone can see coming from a mile away, you might have even noticed.


Just listening to Ian Dale refer to an Amnesty International report claiming 8,000 political murders last year in Cuba alone. So I went onto the Amnesty website to read the report for last year. It’s very short, but mentions not one single political murder. In fact, despite not being a particularly great annual human rights record I would judge it slightly better than the report given to the U.S and perhaps slightly worse than the UK but not by all that much. In fact the short overview of Castro’s entire reign on Amnesty website begins by applauding him! Then of course it details some quite distressing stuff regarding freedom of assembly and imprisonment of conscientious objectors, but no mention of murder except for the initial ones when he came to power, and of course these were Batista people who were murderers themselves, although obviously got given a fair trial. Admittedly all of this info is incredibly brief and probably only touches the surface, but it is interesting to hear Amnesty in their own words paint quite a different view from the media. And it is worth caveating that Amnesty have been forbidden access to Cuba since 1990.




Typical Internet bullshit. And someone gets angry if you tell him it (@CunningLinguist knows it :henry2: )


So Trudeau is Liam Neeson’s brother?