Fidel Castro has died

Regardless of what you think, it’s a shocking news.

He outlasted all those Presidents and survived an embargo that would have destroyed a lesser man, despite what you think of his ideology his impact on education and medicine can’t be denied.

If not for the sanctions Cuba would be a first world country by now, the US tried to get rid of him for 60 years but he persevered.

R. I. P


Cubans are having a big party in miami.

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Trump and Castro.
One cares for the working people, looks after the population with one of the best health service in the world, believes in equality, is brave, and has class.

The other id Donald Trump.


I get what you’re saying, but he’s a complicated figure, and was no saint or hero. He oppressed some parts of Cuban society horribly.

As for ideology, he was only a communist when it was convenient for him.

Complex man but one whose probably more responsible than any other who put the whole of that region on the map.
Through his revolution it helped understand about the horrible outlook that USA policy was and is in that region. Without him and his revolution I personally belive that part of the world would be worse.

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Just like everyone these days loves Obama despite his policy of undiscriminately droning people we can recognise the good things he has done for the world e.g. The Cuban healthcare system and how he helped the fight to end apartheid and other struggles for equality, freedom.

RIP big man. Survived over 600 assassination attempts i think.


Any member of would change being born in Europe to have been born and raised in Cuba under the regime of Castro?

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I don’t see why anyone who had grown up in an established democracy would be expected to want to live in Castro’s Cuba? The question signifies nothing really.

If you were a Cuban living under Batista’s dictatorship, where Cuba was treated like a vassal state to U.S interests, then you might feel quite differently. Look at how Castro is revered in Latin America or in Africa for a perspective from a marginalised part of the word.

I can also sympathise with how difficult it must be to balance between embargo, sanctions and war from the U.S on one side, and a forced relationship with the rubbish Soviet Union on the other. I think a country is always going to suffer under those circumstances.

Some things Castro did brilliantly as @Electrifying points out; others - human rights, appalling. A bit hypocritical though for the offspring and friends of the Batista regime in Miami to be calling him out as evil though, especially when so many of our own national heroes were murderers… I think we can respect Castro for what he did under the conditions, but no need to glorify him either. His kind of revolution hopefully belongs to an older era.


Anyone who’s been brought up privileged wouldn’t want to grow up poor instead, and Cuba is poor, because it was kept poor for decades. But I’d want to grow up even less in a poor area of an American city or on an Indian reservation. Those are desolate places with poverty, violence, no solidarity whatsoever, no healthcare and right next to unimaginable wealth. Under the “regimes” of Nixon, Bush, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, where people are spied on 24/7 these days, where the death penalty is still a reality, where more people are incarcerated than anywhere else in the world, where there’s so much racism, violence, classism and one war after another abroad. I’d rather grow in Cuba, no doubt about it.


Well if the whole regime now grants freedom of movement they can help extend that wall with Mexico then.

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Rather live there than Flint Michigan probs, as Cunning said.

Also, if we are doing random caricatures via film, I am sure all the Tony Montanas in Miami are loving this, coked up to their eyeballs. :rolling_eyes:

Cubans in Miami supported Batista, tbf.

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Some attempts were so bizarre, lol.

The original rebel Mr IdontdowhatIamtold has died . RIP .

Ramsey winner today ? Anyone ? :smirk:

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A person can only be president of the United States for two terms (eight years) max. Castro was a dictator, he was always going to outlast presidents.

I think it might be the hundreds (literally) of assassination attempts made against him by your country that make it remarkable that he outlasted so many presidents.

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Bingo, he lived a full life whereas many of them are dead and gone.

Thanks for the politics lesson though @Joshua.