FC Porto - Arsenal (CL) 1-0

That’s one way to fuck around and find out.

Jorginho has been a useful asset but I would certainly not rotate him for Rice for such an important match.

Especially when he’s been struggling for fitness.

We did this last year with Partey and Jorginho got mauled in both games against Sporting.

The players that could rotate in for me are Jesus, Zinchenko and Tomiyasu if fit. Ramsdale could probably seamlessly drop in too but that’s unlikely to happen based on the selection in the group stages.

Most likely scenario here is the same team as Burnley starts and we see some players returning from injury and be on the bench.

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Rice will put Mikel in a headlock if he doesn’t play him in this game.

Why would we play Rice full time against shitters like Lens and PSV for him to get “rested” in the KO stage of the biggest tournament in the world? Lel


That’s true.

I guess it depends on the score at the time.

Maybe return leg if we have big lead. Let’s see.

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Should have rested him then also

Anyone going to Porto?

Yea if u are paying brev


I would like to have the ability to do that!

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Damn bro, you must be broke not being able to pay for someone else’s ticket and travel. :jorginho:

On a serious note, I love the Dragao. Such an iconic staidum.

I had a ticket and had to give it back to the club as I couldn’t get time off work in the end.

Gutted. It’s a great destination even without the footy.

Rice rested for a CL knockout tie 1st leg :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Damm shame. I’d like to try to get to more away games, especially CL ones. Will have to wait for the OA meet up to celebrate the PL title instead then!

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Bro I spent ages hunting for one, next time let me know :joy:

The red socks are back!


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Why did we make a European away shirt if its never worn :thinking:

Didn’t we use it in the three group stage away games?

It’s all about the merch :slight_smile:

I tend to agree but Arsenal have always worn red if possible in competitive matches. The only exceptions are when the ref decides he wants more of a contrast and in the league cup where there are weird kit rules.

I do remember a day when we were home clubs had to change to away kits if there was a clash in the old European Cup. I seem to recall that happened for one of our Champions League gaes during the Wembley era.


This is crazy. 14 years.

When that Iceland volcano went.

Was convinced, by myself, this game would on telly here. But no, it’s going to be fucking Napoli/Barca. Oh well, back to dodgy streams.