FC Porto - Arsenal (CL) 1-0

To be honest mate not even checked the weather yet but my hotel has an outdoor pool so hope it’s not pissing down :joy:

Well up for it though, European away days are always unreal.

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Porto to create an upset, and put an end to our winning ways. That said, we are pretty fucking good right now, and an Arsenal win is certainly a possibility. I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends in a draw.

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Time to break that stupid hoodoo

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Even a draw and I’m good. We’ll smash them at the Emirates anyway.

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So they have a 40 year old Pepe in their base of their defense? yeah we need to absolutely smash these cunts.

Used to be fun to watch. Epic shithouser.

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Away games in Portugal are usually difficult.

You would imagine at 40 years old, that he is Mertesacker slow and will get a hammy just looking at Saka making a body feint.


Yeah, we’ve been hurt there before.
I do think in many of those occasions though we underestimated the opponent and the their home advantage.

Hopefully we’ve learned that lesson.

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We are really good but then again fucking Sporting kicked us out last season and Sporting were not great.

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Still slightly cautious given our weak performances in European competitions recent years.

1-2 Arsenal or a 1-1. Will be a frustrating cagey match.

We’ll batter them. 3-0 minimum. C’mon Arsenal, UCL is here for the taking.

Man I can’t wait for this.

Feels great to be excited for a game again and feels even greater to be excited for a UCL knockout game.


Jorginho has to play imo

Also Zinchenko

Zinchenko doesn’t deserve to just swan back in.

Kiwor has been brilliant and does not deserve to be dropped


At CM.

Could potentially give Rice a rest. I think going with technique we could get away with in Europe.

Maybe something to consider at home.

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Oooft big call.

These are the very games we signed Rice for


I agree, he has done a good job so far why risk the defenders friend Zinney.

Yeah that is obviously not going to happen :slight_smile: This perhaps the biggest game of the season up to this point, our best 11 are playing and though I’m not sure about every player in that first 11, Rice is definitely in there.


It’s going to be the same team as against Burnley and West Ham.

Hopefully a couple of Jesus, Partey, Tomi, Zinchenko on the bench.