Fargo (TV Series)


Anyone seen this? It’s pretty rad. If you are a fan of the Coen brothers ( I know there are a few here) you will love this, especially if you have seen the 1996 original movie. Show’s got everything, great villains, great story, great cast, great characters, great music and great dialog. Also the subtlety and allusion with which the movie and the 2 seasons so far are entangled is amazing. Can’t wait for season 3, there are some good shows out there but this one just edges it as my favourite right now.


Haven’t seen all of season 2, but season 1 was ace.


Loved the movie and was sceptical about the series. Must say that they have stayed true to the original and continued in the same style. Brilliant!


I loved S2 more than S1 @Dr_Strangepass. The ending is just in style, you will love it.


Season Two is arguably even better than the first.

Fantastic television show.


Both series are fantastic.

Billy Bob Thornton’s character is one of the best tv villains ever created.


Wrench and Numbers


I gave up on this with about 2 or 3 episodes to go in series 1. Might have to watch it again as i was enjoying it


He was nearly as nasty as Gus was in Breaking Bad.
I thought Martin Freeman was really good in Fargo as well.

It’s hard to choose between Breaking Bad and Fargo,.
Both series were brilliant.


Loved Fargo. Usually hate Martin Freeman but he was just so good in series 1, as well as the obvious Billy Bob. Marginaly preferred S1 to S2 but both awesome.

Ewan McGregor is cast as identical twins in S3 I believe - can’t wait.


Jesus, Fargo 3 is going to be a disaster :wink:



Loved that scene, Lorne Malvo is an awesome character. As is Mike Milligan, some fine acting in this.


Ugh. Aside from Trainspotting, every time I see him in anything I can never get past thinking “ugh, it’s that wanker Ewan McGregor” whenever he’s on screen.


He does have the uncanny knack of being the same character (a twat) in everything. If Fargo season 3 goes more for laughs, it might be ok with him in it I guess. Not that he’s funny.