Fantasy Premier League 24/25

I’ll pass on Erling

Generally speaking, there’s gonna be two categories of managers this season:

  1. Not going near Haaland
  2. It’s Haaland + 85m budget this season

Can the title be won when you’re in group 1?

I mean haarland still goes in the team. With Kdb going and salah going to have to find other creative an goalscoring players to replace these 2

Think so, yeah. Always felt there’s no fixed rule to do well in the game, if one can utilize their budget well and do what their team needs. But if he’s banging hatties almost every week, surely one has to flexible and bring him in.

Palmer 10.5!

Cost of living has finally hit FPL

That’s a crazy price rise considering he could very well be a one season wonder from an FPL point of view. Easy pass for me.

He’s got the advantage of 5 points + bonus implications for every penalty Chelsea win.
Question is will they be good enough next season to win many?

Exactly. Feel like there will be better options for 10.5m once all the prices come out.

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Well, hello there :wave:


Makes it much easier now :joy:

The league has now been renewed for 24/25. When you reactivate your account like magic you will be in the league already :smile:

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Like the new update for the graphics

Whaaat? I’ve missed all of this.

Not sure I’ll have time to do a team this year and kinda glad - why they trying to fix what isn’t broken?

Tbh, I’ve always been saying FPL should let us accumulate more FTs to make the game more flexible and versatile, so this 5 FT change is one I welcome gladly.

Nah that’s too much. You can basically change half your team. I like that you don’t lose them when you use your chips, but 5 in one go? Nah.
That mystery chip bugs me too.