Fantasy Football 19/20

Didn’t realise Trossard went to Brighton!! He’s going to rip it up.

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@HotCrossGuns yeah you’re right about Chicharito. Might rework that one. Kepa was 5.5mill

@Calum Me too man. He’s actually one of the players I’m most looking forward to seeing this season across all the players signed so far

I reckon my dark horse is Holebas. He was ballin til he got injured at the end of the season.

He was my first pick this year untill my Scottish bias kicked in and he was changed to Fraserinho :joy:

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Didn’t quite understand this post, 3 :uk:s on the left and 3 :uk:s on the right, no? Dunk, Sterling, Vardy, Robertson, Fraser, Wilson, Pope in the middle, with Button, Wickham and Gibson on the bench.
I agree it’s the most :uk: team I’ve seen in a long time!

I meant the right of the image and was trying to get Calum to bite as there’s no Scottish flag on here :slight_smile:

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My team although I don’t know why I bother sometimes it will all go to shit at some point :rofl:

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Haha I honestly hate the British flag tho. It’s fucking disgusting. Just look at it.

Yeah. Aside from Aubameyang and Bellerin when he’s healthy, there aren’t really any who are pretty much sure things for the lineup.

Leno, but that’s just going to lose you points :slight_smile:

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Here my team at the minute

Did anyone create a OA league?

I’ve taken the liberty.

Post in here if you want the league code and I will PM it to everyone.

@BigWeng_4LYFE @arsenescoatmaker @AW49 @ArsenalRDABest @Arsenalpredators @Aussiegooner @Burgundy @Bl1nk @BergkampsLoveChild @Br1t1shB33f @Calum @CunningLinguist @Craigie @Castiel @Cristo @DavidHillier @Dr_Strangepass @Darkseid @DutchGooner @ekr @Electrifying @Gio @Gunnerpr @giner @Great-White-Gooner @GC-Maniac @GunnerGirl @Forever @manlikehass @InvincibleDB10 @JakeyBoy @jmb27 @JohnnyH @jonboylondon @Josh @Jules @Kaner @k1tsun3 @Leper @LFS-forward @Lister86 @ljungbergkamp @LordBendtner @Midfield_Maestro @mhappy @Maverick79 @MO_OA49 @morrisc311 @NeedCoffee @oompa @Ocke @Phoebica @PPB @Persona @Powderfinger @ryaninho @RockyMaivia @ronniec @Robin_L @shamrockgooner @sevchenko @SRCJJ @SDGooner @Shill @Sol @Stroller @sunny310c @TheSpecialCnut @Titou14 @TA-6 @Trion @wilshambition @will24 @YJYUX

You find a post where he has done it and copy paste.

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Still more work than what I was hoping I’d have to do



Think of it like sending a group email in work haha

If one of you @moderators takes the time to create a group with all members in it, we will be able to tag all members with one @tag

Did you get a notification from the @moderators tag ?

Yes please

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Nope I got a new quotation notification. I’ll check if that can be done though. :+1:

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Me too buddy :+1:t2:

Can’t wait to come first and use that as a tool to claim superior footballing opinion to everyone here who disagrees with me on stuff.

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WASUP. Did it work?

No :santi: