Fantasy Football 19/20

I know it’s only June, but FPL 19/20 is now live. I haven’t set up a league, but I will at some point – or someone else can. Still plenty of time.

Also noticed that Zaha is a £7m midfielder. But who will he be playing for? :eyes:



Who won last season’s again? I think I was about 20th.

Still beat Luca, mind

count me in for the league.

Hopefully can build a team from next week

Will only be getting involved if our club actually buys some fckn players otherwise I may not even be around !? C’mon buy someone ffs !!

You can start building your teams now just cant do it on the app

My team currently. Might be starting without any Arsenal players for the first time ever :cry:

Look how symmetric as fuck it is tho :sunglasses:

What 5 a side team are you? :red_circle: Or :large_blue_circle:

Strong :uk: representation on the right.

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obviously you would have fraser :slight_smile:


You’ll notice the strong Arsenal contingent you traitorous bastard! :bellerin: :wink:
Although I do also have 1 spud, does that cancel it out? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

cause danny ings is going to bang in the goals

You seem very opinionated where is your team :wink:

I’m just here to judge

@Calum I used to do fantasy football with my friends years ago but I just used to forgot to change my team and it pretty much stayed the same the whole season, used to forget about it as well

I always start without Arsenal players. In fact, I try to avoid picking Arsenal players because I feel like I’ve jinxed them if they have a crappy game. I also don’t take Spurs players because I can’t be happy about them scoring points.

I think I finished 2nd in the league here one season before I stopped coming around, so I reckon I’ll give it a try again and see if I can do OK.

I avoid them because of the stupid levels of squad rotation we do, too. Meaningless substitutions as well (you have Ozil in your FPL team. Doesn’t start. Manager puts him on in the 89th minute when we’re winning 3-1. There goes my guy on the subs bench who’d scored and was gonna give me 5 points)

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7 goals and 3 assists from 24 games last season, of which 7 goals and 2 assists from 19 games when he played at least 60 minutes and didn’t get subbed on/injured during the game.

So around a goal or assist every other game, and better than a goal or assist every 180 mins based on those stats.

Plus I really rate Hasenhuettl. And for 6m, I think he’s the best you’re going to get…


Gone big name heavy

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I think the only striker that will be playing in that team come the start of the season will be Kane.
Can’t see Chicharito staying.
And if in the unlikely situation they don’t buy a new striker, I don’t rate Fornals’ chances quite so high.

Nothing wrong with the rest of the team, how much is Kepa?

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Fornals is gonna ball this season. Will definitely be owning him at one point

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