Fábio Vieira (21)

I think if we have a shot to sell Vieira we should take it. I think ESR is going to be sold as well. If we sell both we can start to have a serious conversation about Joao Neves.

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Lol, that’s exactly what I thought when I saw Joshua’s post.
I’d gladly sell both for Neves.

However, it’d be dumb as you would get rid of the only other two senior attacking midfielders in the team.
Perhaps you could formally promote Nwaneri.


This may be crazy talk but if we get rid of ESR, Vieira, Nelson and Nketiah. Then we’re getting a striker, a versatile attacking midfielder and a winger to replace them. Not to mention the defensive midfielder. Sesko, Williams, Simons and Neves please.

I think we need to do that in any case. Patino is the other option, although reports suggest he wants a permanent transfer to another club.

I wouldn’t regard Neves as a DM. He is more of a central midfielder, and probably closer to a No.8 IMO. So substitute Simons for a proper DM and we have a cracking window with those players!

That said, I am surprised that Simons is not being linked with more clubs. Rumour was that PSG were open to loaning the player again. If we wanted to add some attacking depth to our squad, particularly if we sold both ESR and Vieira, Simons would be an excellent option to loan with option to buy.