FA Cup 2023/24


FA Cup qualifying started.

Sporting Khalsa v Darlaston kicking off.

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Changes coming.

Sucks for the lower league teams who for getting a replay away at a big club counts as cup success.

I can only really remember Swindon for that blinding goal Wrighty scored at the County Ground :grinning:

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Horsham v Barnsley on ITV4.

Football ain’t over. It’s back, baby.


The Alfreton v Walsall game this lunchtime due to be shown on bbc got called off 5-10 minutes before kickoff. Can’t think of many games called off at such short notice.

have to give a massive shoutout to my local team Maidstone for qualifying for the 3rd round of the FA Cup, they are the lowest ranked side left in the cup (non league) and it would be cool for them to draw a big boy at home, would be funny as well though because they have a fake pitch

I don’t support them but I know people that do and I always hope they do well, bring on Man City and Pep and his boys down to lovely Maidstone for a trashing



Ridiculous draw.


United and city get league two teams no doubt

United always get easy home ties.

are u fekin kidding me

We’re honestly winning f*** all at this rate :disappointed:

Full draw for those like me who didn’t even realise it was happening :sweat_smile:


I think we can take Liverpool at the Emirates

Also, swear it’s rigged that 2 big teams have to face each other in the third round

Making the draw are Jen Beattie and Trevor Steven

Damn they must have paid a lot to get Jen to screw us over like that.


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She’s a current Arsenal squad member.