FA Cup 2018/19


Goes to show what a massive squad overhaul we’ve already had in the space of 3 summers, I bet that’s above average. and you can see it continuing this summer with another 5 or 6 moving on


It’s not it’s just better than our current one lol


Imagine Auba and Laca in that team. Would have won the league considering that’s the team from 2015/16 with just Cech added in


The “we put the pressure on” trophy is more important :mustafi:


“Putting the pressure on” is just the next logical step from having “passhun” and “desire”


Arsène Pochettino :wenger2:


How is Steve McNulty still a professional footballer? :laughing: He’s 35 (though could pass for 55) and is a little on the heavy side… His previous club nicknamed him Sumo, should that not have been a hint that it was time to retire?!



The only thing I think of when I read McNulty is The Wire


Being a heavy bastard works for Akinfenwa some how :smiley:


Tottenham up at HT.


0-4 spurs


Pocho still doesn’t care about the F.A. Cup though :xhaka2:


Im quietly confident that Tottenham’s results will slip a bit whilst Son is away at the Asia Cup

South Korea should probably win it or go close anyway so he should miss the rest of their games in January at least


2-0 Tottenham

3-0 Tottenham

4-0 Tottenham

5-0 Tottenham

6-0 Tottenham


Jesus 0-6.


Tranmere play in the League 2 though :wink:


When did they sign him from City?


7-0. Prepare for the Spurs wankfest in the media. Klaim :gabriel:

7-0 Tottenham FT.


Imagine him catching you with a 2 footed challenge…your legs would fly off, it would be like being hit by a rhino.


John Radford scored a great goal that day. Real team one. On youtube that game somewhere.