They miss Iwobi big time which says it all. These new owners need to spend big in January because they are looking awful.

Hope they get relegated. Fucking awful team

Think it finally catches up with them this season

I think they’ll survive, the bottom 6 are really poor and Everton got really unlucky to lose to Wolves and Fulham so far.

Cannot wait for them to go down. They offer nothing to the league.

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Based on the first few games, Luton and Sheffield Utd are down, so it’s probably between Burley or Everton to go down.

Tough call for me. Burnley apparently play better stuff these days so maybe I’d rather have them stay up.

I’m very invested in seeing Dyche and the type of football he plays get what it deserves.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling Everton will pick up enough points this season to stay up.

Pickford is such a fucking baby. Just for him I hope they get relegated.

Never used to have much of an issue with everton, but what an utterly pointless entity of a club.

I think they’re the best of a bad bunch of clubs that could get relegated.
Luton and Sheffield United are clearly favourites but Wolves, Burnley, Bournemouth and Everton could easily join them.

Apart from us, they have been in the top league longer than any other club but if they do go down, there will be several clubs looking to get some of their better players on the cheap like Calvert Lewin, Onana, Deli Alli, Dacoure and Pickford.