Everton vs Arsenal (PL) 1-0

Everton vs Arsenal (PL)

:stadium: Goodison Park
:spiral_calendar: Saturday 2023-02-04T12:30:00Z
:soccer: Premier League
:tv: BT Sport


  • Everton win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Back to the Premier League. Will we see a new midfield signing? And who should start on the left? Martinelli or Trossard? Share your thoughts below :point_down:

6-0 Arsenal. It’s time.


Draw. Everton new manager bounce. Doesn’t matter though because I expect us to beat Brentford and City.

In terms of stats, is new manager bounce a genuine thing or a myth?

Like surely it’s just the law of averages that some new managers will win or draw their first game.


They still haven’t appointed a manager mind.

You’ve made it about just the first game. If a manager has been sacked 99/100 it is because of a very poor run of results and/or form.

Sadly, I don’t have the statistics to know the exact percentage of wins, losses or draws that new managers in professional sport have attained. Let’s look at the teams who have changed managers this season as a better sample size: Bournemouth, Chelsea, Brighton, Wolves, Villa and Southampton before Everton. Chelsea and Saints are struggling but feel both new managers started well. The other four have looked better. I’d say it is a fair assumption to speak about new manager bounce in the Premier League?

Sorry, if that sounds arsey - it isn’t meant to. It surely is logical to suggest that performance would improve after a change of manager with players needing to price themselves again etc.

I expect a much tougher game against Everton next week Saturday than I would have last week Saturday.

Only if you also take our form into account. Everton can improve by a lot and still not be enough to match us.

No doubt. I don’t think Everton become a top level team in the space of three days. I’m expecting a tough game though.

Well in this case that’s all that matters because that’s what this game will likely be - Dyche’s first game in charge of Everton.

Over sixty percent wins or draws according to this.

Then factor in a majority on these stats will be bssed on struggling teams rather than top teams it would add credence to the suggestion that a win may be difficult.

Can’t see us losing.

Can’t wait for this.

Comfortable 0-3 win :red_circle:

This game feels 9 billion years away ffs


Yeah specially when we are so invested in the league campaign the constant fa cup breaks are infuriating lol


Said this before Trossard left, Martinelli centre, Saka right and Odegaard feeding them in !?

Why would you drop Eddie?

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Have him ready for second half once Martinelli has run them into the ground.

Personally, the last thing you change is an in-form, scoring forward. Especially for one who has never started a game as a striker for us in three seasons.


I’m more worried about no Thomas than I am about a new manager bounce.



Everton win to ignite their revival. Arsenal with two defeats in a row. Media cream themselves.


We have a week of Dyche teaching them how to defend with 10 men behind the ball. We better brush up on defending set pieces and breaking down a tight defence because they are going to be up for it. This has all the signs of a frustrating match in the making. In some respects this is just as challenging as Utd last week.