Everton Thread


Starting to think Koeman isn’t that good.

Signing Rooney was two steps back especially when they were flush with cash, they didn’t sign a replacement for Lukaku which is absolute idiocy and there’s no real pace or focal point to their attack.

Additionally their back line is old as fuck, spent a bucket load of money on the midfield which was already decent and neglected the defence and attack. It’s going to be a long season for them, I’d say their past window may wind up being on par with Spuds after they blew the Bale money.


They have to be the slowest team in the league surely. Atalanta absolutely bulldozed them.


Can’t believe they didn’t replace Lukaku.

They replaced Barkley twice but didn’t even sell him :facepalm:


I think Giroud should have moved, think he made the wrong choice staying here tbh. Deserves better than a bit part role. Would have done well with Sig providing and manager that set ups to his strengths


Birmingham getting the vote as the city of choice for the commonwealth games compounds their miserable couple of weeks.
Puts their plans of a new stadium right back too the planning stage.


It would definitely have been the best move for Everton because they would then have had a striker, not sure if it would have been the best move for Giroud.


Everton are a club on the up, with new owners who are willing to spend big, and possibly a new stadium.
They needed a striker and Giroud would have been a good choice.
It would also have meant he would have been almost guaranteed a first team place and the team built around his abilities.
They probably could have got him for 20-30m, which for an experienced international and PL player is a bargain, even at his age.
I’m surprised they didn’t go for him.


I’m pretty sure they did.


Giroud wanted to stay at Arsenal so at some point along the line formally or otherwise he rejected them


What kind of team just buys attacking midfielders :henry2:


I think if they had put in a bid of around 30m Wenger would have taken the money.
He would have had around 70m from the sale of Chamberlain, as well as two high earners off the wage bill, which would have meant there wouldn’t have been any financial problem trying to sign Lemar.


According to reports he was willing to let Giroud go. Giroud chose not to.

I think we can be pretty sure that Everton did have serious interest in Giroud tbh, as sure as we can be without one of the involved parties explicitly saying so.



I remember people predicted them to finish top 5. Overrated average side. People got excited over them overpaying for average British players


Pretty much. Haven’t got a proven striker which will majorly hurt them. Where do the goals come from?


Not just the British ones though.


A shirt sleeve sponsor :joy::joy: is this we’re teams shirts end up looking like NASCAR deco


we might get the coco cola bottling company, so angry birds might not be so bad haha


At least it be a fitting sponsor for us


Coke would probably pay us handsomely…i say do it. It’s either that or to get the ad money the greedy cunts at the PL will institute a water break each half and go to commercial.