Everton Thread


He is a top striker.
He would have been ideal for us if we weren’t so tight.
Still, who needs Lukaku when you have the potential of Giroud, the fitness of Welbeck and the…whatever of Perez.
As well as the consistency of Walcott and the devastating goal scoring ability of Sanogo.

I’m sure Wenger knew what he was doing when he decided we had enough world class talent upfront, and decided to stick with what we have.


I think people tend to be harsh on him as a “donkey” or whatever but he’s imrpoving in many aspects of his play, his pass for Schneiderlin against Spuds the other day was pretty nice as was his finish.

He’s still only 23 and already has 79 PL goals in 176 appearances which is a very good return.

He’s quick, two footed and can hold it up. Also in terms of bringing others into play I think he had the highest chances created of every striker in PL last season.




McKenzie is a about as low as you can get, when talking about journalists.

He works for a newspaper that has no morals, and is rightly hated by many people.


Id be surprised if Mckenzie knew of anything about Barkleys parents tbh. The leader of the council brought this forward who just happens to be running for a elected mayor roll up there.
Might be being cynical but its a sure fire vote winner. Still anything that upset that vile paper and its vermin is good.


“Sign or you’re off”


I think that’s sensible management from Koeman. He wants to plan early and know what he’s working with next summer. Barkley will fetch a good sum and he’s not half as good as people thought he would be either.


Sign or go.
Put the pressure on the player, not the club, who pay his massive wages.
There’s a few players we should have done that to in recent seasons.
He’s a good player but probably not as good as he, or his agent, think he is.
I can’t think of another top PL club that would want him, unless he is under 30m, so I’m not sure a move away from Everton, who are doing well with Koeman and who are looking to strengthen, would be the right decision for him.


Surely not to anyone better than Everton though.

I’ve really no idea what the fuck this situation is tbh. Someone’s being stupid and I’m guessing it’s Barkley or his agent. They’ve made him a good offer so clearly want to keep him, he’s unlikely to get higher wages anywhere else, it’s a big enough club that he’ll be noticed by the England manager if he does well and he’s a local boy so probably wants to stay if nothing better is on the horizon.

Most players and clubs with this situation would have no problem at all.


Hate to even mention the scum, but take Dele Alli for example. He’s had much less time at the top level than Barkley and is already showing him up.

Barkley is yet to break through properly unless he’s a late bloomer. Very hit and miss at the mo and I can’t see any big clubs taking a punt. Should just stay at Everton and work on improving under Koeman.


Barkley is distinctly average.

He’ll be staying at Everton, no big club will take him.

But I hope he does leave so they can replace him with Ramsey :santi2:


I suspect both Barkley and Everton at this stage realise that none of the big clubs are particularly interested. Barkley has been stalling on a new deal trying to get as much money out of Everton before re-signing and I suspect they’ve now had enough and are calling his bluff. Sign the deal we’ve offered or fuck off.

I expect him to sign the ting.


I remember them talking about this situation on 5 live about a month ago now. Most of the pundits on there genuinely believed that a big club would come in for him. I think there was only one of them which believed that he should stay at Everton and doubted that a bigger club would come in for him.

I really shouldn’t have been but I was amazed by how much they overrated him. He really hasn’t lived up to the type after a few good games in 2013-14. Wouldn’t be a big deal for Everton of they sold him tbh.


Standard average overated English player.

Never seen the hype

If they sell he’s so easily replaced


Fun fact: If you removed all 24 of Romelu Lukaku’s goals this season, Everton would still be in 7th place.

Flat track bully! Think it’s safe to say he won’t be getting the golden boot tomorrow.


They’re 15 points ahead of 8th so I don’t think that stat is particularly meaningful without further analysis.


Reminds me of how if you took away Penaldo’s goals from Madrid last season they would’ve finished on the exact same pt tally.



WOW… that is a crazy stat… To Shamrock’s point, with a 15 point cushion, Romluk’s stat is kind of random and incomplete. But same points total without Penaldo’s goals is crazy.


Who will get him? West Ham?


Manchester United?