Everton Thread


One win in 6 pre season games and that against 7th division opposition. 4 1 last night to Rennes and 3 0 at Blackburn midweek suggests they are in a mess.
Last season was their chance to make some progress with the Moshiri millions but they squandered it big time. Long season ahead again for them coming up.


Pre season really doesn’t mean a lot tbh. Especially so with a new manager coming in trying to implement a completely different style to Allerdyce.


Agree to a point but conceding heavily and not scoring is last seasons problems too. Alladyce should not carry the can for Evertons poor recruitment.
That is going to be Silvas biggest problem too. Carrying a lot of deadwood that needs shipping out and replacing.



It’s still very early but if Usmanov gets involved with Chelsea and City and they make the same kind of transition I’m going to die of frustration. Even though I have been on the high horse about this stuff in the past/early Chelsea days.


Knew it haha. Everton gonna do a Manchester City aren’t they?!


… officially


Everton’s players have been turned into Angry Birds characters

Meet Angry Theo



Should have called it Everlution


I like it


Theo Walcock?


Sigbirdsson :poldi: :arteta: :mustafi:


FFS. hope he’s alright. Head injuries are horrible


Oh fuck! Like Mason :frowning:


I think the questions need to be asked, when are Everton going to show some results that match their investment? Given the money they’ve spent in the last few years they simply should be better than they’re are.


They’ve over paid for a lot of the players though. Just cause they’ve spent 200m or whatever it is doesn’t mean they’ve got that much worth of talent.

Sigurdsson is a decent player, but they paid almost 50m for him for example. That’s just madness.


Yeah exactly. They’ve been extremely negligent with how they’ve spent so far.


They haven’t spent enough to realistically break into the top 6, so them being 3 points from 7th at Xmas isn’t really a catastrophe to me.

Raw numbers in transfer spending really haven’t been indicative of success for a few years now. Even if you have money, you still need a vision, good scouting and a good coach.


I think it’s typical short-termist hand wringing after a loss to an in form Tottenham side.

Everton will probably finish 7th-8th which is where their ceiling is and it’s very much a glass ceiling


As a strong independent woman you of all people should know that glass ceilings are there to be smashed and shattered! TOFFEE POWER!