Everton Thread


Lol what?! Man City were in a much better position than Everton are now when Pep took over. They had some of the best players in the world and had won the league twice in the 5 years prior to him taking the job. How can you compare that to Ancelotti going to Everton?!


I would love to see one of the top managers actually go to a club like Everton and actually prove how good they are


What would be the point, if they managed to succeed they’d just get called a cheque book manager by the likes of A4TT


What other big club is their for him to manager out their?

At least if he goes to Everton he can build a team to challenge for Europe spots and some silver were and no pressure on him. Sounds like a ideal last job for ancelloti.


A bigger job than Everton will come along sooner or later.

Getting Ancelotti would be a massive coop for them for sure but in my opinion it’s extremely unlikely. They’d have more chance tempting the likes of Mancini or Pellegrini, but I don’t see that happening either.


Everton should get Fat Sam in on a deal till the end of the season then push hard for Rafa in the summer.

Or try and convince Tuchel


I agree it might be unlikely but things change in football and clubs like Man City have come from mid table a few seasons ago to become a top European team, and PSG have attracted some of the best players in Europe after just making up the numbers in the CL, so if Everton do genuinely want to build a team are going to spend big then he is the man for the job.

As much as I like Ancelotti, is he really going to get a job that much bigger than Everton?
As I say, this is only possible if their new owner is willing to put his money where his mouth is, and start spending some big money, which I’m not sure if he has any intention of doing.


So? Pep didn’t take the job when they were mid table tdid he? He took the job when they were at the top. And looking at Ancelotti’s past jobs, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that he would want to take over a team in dire straights and spend years building them up. His teams play in the Champions League.

Yeah it helps when you can afford to pay £220m buyout clauses and pay your players infinity amount of money. Plus unlike Everton, they actually qualify for the Champions League.

I refer you back to his CV. Of course he could get a better job than bloody Everton!


As I said, this is only going to happen if their owner wants to turn Everton into a money is no object, buying club.
If that happens then I can see them going after Ancelotti.


He’s in the same boat as Benitez their isn’t any big clubs out their for them to manager so their best managing clubs like Everton and Newcastle and turn them into big clubs


Milan job will likely be available soon, Ancelotti is better off waiting for that.

Everton would be a great job for Rafa, probably around about his level these days.


I haven’t found a guy I like so perhaps I should just date my creepy window cleaner… nah, there is no need to settle. You wait for something you like to come along. A better job than Everton is just around the corner.


This makes no sense. If Pep got top 4 at Everton that would be more impressive than what he’s doing now. If Pep went 50 unbeaten with this city team it’s still meh.


It does make sense, because you’d dismiss his achievements because he had financial backing. Just like you do with any manager who achieves shit whose name isn’t Arsene Wenger


Depends on the financial backing. Spending record breaking amounts and then having a good team means fuck all, you are supposed to win when you spend that much. If Pep bought within Evertons means and still got good results I’d respect that a lot more.


I would love to see one of the top managers come to Arsenal and prove how good they are if I’m being honest.



Simeone to Everton is plausible if he was out of contract


I don’t think it’s plausible in the least.

Put some respect on Simeone’s name, he is box office and Everton aren’t even digital TV.


Simeone strikes me as the type of manager who likes to start off from relative obscurity and build a side up gradually.

Lazio, a club he’s express interest in coaching is hardly “Box Office”. He doesn’t strike me as a guy who sees football in a linear way.

I think the Everton job can attract lots of top managers to drop a level slightly because of the money on offer and the decent squad on hand, It’s a good project job imo. Ambition of the owner is certainly showing