Europa League race

So it starts. Us or Everton?

Both of us.

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Is the 7th place go to the Europa League?

Yes because top 7 teams will win the League and FA cups, lucky United beat Southampton.

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Is it really a race if you don’t give a fuck if you finish?


whats the point, we wont fucking win it not with these fragile players…fuck europe i rather have none of europe wenger can fuck off and start with a clean slate 3/4 of this squad can eat a steaming pile of gorilla shit too and fuck off whilst they are doing so.

So, if Liverpool lose or draw against West Ham (away) on the weekend and we manage to beat Stoke. Top 4 is back in our hands?


:wenger: :santi2:

I think they have to lose one of their matches or draw both and we have to win all of ours at least, no?

We can get a total of 75 points (winning all three games). They can get a total of 76 (if they win their remaining two matches). So if they draw or lose on of those two, it’s in our hands. Unless I’m completely missing something :smiley:

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Yeah that’s right as we still have that game in hand over Liverpool. Man City is a different story though, because of their superior goal difference we’re effectively 4 points behind them so we’d need them to lose 1 and draw 1 or draw 2 out of their three remaining. Can’t see see that happening with their fixtures, so, providing we win, our hopes lie with West Ham on Sunday… eek.


We might not have a chance to win the CL even if we qualify for it, but a top four place makes it slightly easier to attract the best players and might even persuade Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain to stay.

Never thought id see the ox on the same list as Sanchez and Ozil.

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I thought that as I wrote it, but with the rumours of him leaving, and the fact he has played well recently, he is becoming a player we want to keep hold of.
There aren’t many of our attacking players that are that good that I think are worth holding on to, apart from them.

Also, if we finish 4th and Man Utd beat Ajax in the EL final, we’re still fucked?

Actually Spain recently had 5 clubs in the CL, because Sevilla beat Liverpool for the Europa League Cup and thus qualified for CL.

So, yes we will be in CL, given that we manage to grab 4th and United win the EL.


That is awesome news!!!

Now let’s hope Ajax can beat United in the final (I think they can).

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Makes no difference to us, just be 5 English teams in the CL as said above.

Yeah they’ve changed the rules now, but not before Spurs missed out in 2012 despite finishing 4th. Ah that was a good day :grinning:


Chelsea winning the Champions League isn’t a good day