Euro 2024 Fantasy Football

Ahead of the start of Euro 2024, I’ve set up a Fantasy Football League for ‘Online Arsenal’ on

Use the link below to set up a team:

Once you have set up your team, DM me for the code to join the league.

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Remove the code for the league and dm it to members who join.

Otherwise you end up with lots off random players who aint part of this forum.


Good point! I have amended as suggested and removed both the link to join and the code!

We don’t want that guy trying to flog luxury kitchens signing up! :rofl:

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I’m in! Been a while since we did this.

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Can you msg me the league code please @The_Invincibles.

Thank you

Just elevating this post to see if anyone else is interested in signing up for the Euro 2024 Fantasy Football league…


Come on lads get ur teams set up.


Bumping this thread again…come on guys, be good to have a few more of you sign up!

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My team is set!

Drop us a link pal and I’ll get one set up @The_Invincibles

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PM sent


Defence is a bit shambolic like

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You reckon Saka starts? Heard he’s a fitness doubt

Southgate loves him so I reckon he’ll start him as much as possible

Heres my set an forget team