Euro 2020




Good on you @Electrifying and @Calum

Well done @Castiel

Commiserations @shamrockgooner so close


David Marshall what a man!!!

Gutted that fucking bastard cunt virus stopped me from seeing this at Hampden

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Marshall was always unreal at saving pens iirc

Going to get absolutely pummeled by Serbia though, SMS will run rampant

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Please don’t sit on the fence.

Tell us what you really think of corona

Great beer


I’m now gonna completely contradict myself and say I’m now glad there is no mental bastard Serbia fans in the crowd as Serbia away would have been electric haha. Maybe we have a small chance? :joy::joy:

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Serbian YAKS might just force their way into the stadium, liberate the Balkan region :heart_eyes:.

Please tell me this is Suuiiii :sweat_smile:

It’s meant to be :ozil:


That isn’t really accurate though. These qualifiers were decided by position in the qualifying groups.

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Baku :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Moscow :negative_squared_cross_mark:
Bilbao :negative_squared_cross_mark:

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Yeh we were great in our qualifier groups we won like our first 3 games but then lost to Germany and the Netherlands, though we nearly held out for a draw against the Dutch at their home.

We’ve been completely dog shit in these Uefa Nations league things but I barely even understand what they are.

Stick it in one location ffs. The CL last season was fantastic when it was situated in one place. Stop all this moving around shit during the pandemic. It’s really not rocket science.


Shouldn’t be any international or European football this season.