Euro 2016


So who will win the Euro’s this year. France are favourites, but I’m going for Belgium.


So hoping France win tonight! For Ollie and Kos.


I’m in Lyon today for the match. Gonna be one heck of an experience. Please win France.

:soccer: :flag_fr:


Hoping and believe France will win. Don’t want the false Ronaldo and Pepe lifting any silverware.


Everyone loves the underdog but everyone hates Portugal for some reason.

I’m hoping for a total blag of a win, 1-0, 88th minute, Evra OG.


I’ve been saying it would be kind of funny if Portugal shithoused their way to the Euro win after finishing third in their group.

Also I feel they are owed one after Euro 2004. So I hope they do it.


To be fair, I don’t think anyone has played “good football” this tournament except maybe Spain for a game, Germany for a game, Croatia for a couple of games, France for a couple of spells. I don’t think anyone can really take the moral highground of absolutely deserving this title.

France felt like they had a bit of luck too, maybe the benefit of home advantage in their first couple of games. They were also lucky to get a penalty out of nothing and a gift in their last game.


As italian, i couldn’t stand France winning it. But i don’t like Portugal and its luck. Difficult choice in the end :bellerin:


A small reminder that we’ll be having our final ever MDC on the old Forum tonight for the final, so be sure to join us for that :+1:


I really don’t care for the way Portugal got through the group stage, also I don’t care for Ronaldo, so for these reasons I’m hoping France win.


I will support our players. Allez la France :flag_fr:



Portugal is really riding their luck to the win, isn’t it? No shot on target, Rui Patricio has been their best player, but they have yet to concede.


Indeed :santi2:


First trophy in charge as manager. Congratulations to CR7 :theo:


Thank fuck that’s all over. Such a poor tournament. Can’t believe Portugal won it. Though credit where it’s due for the winner. That’s a way to win the final.


Couldn’t care less who won it really, just wanted to see a worthy final, sadly, we didn’t get that, it wasn’t until Portugal scored and the then last 10 minutes of extra time that we actually got a game, both sides seemed to scared to lose it rather than brave enough to win it, Portugal done what they done for the whole tournament, just rode the storm, parked the bus and hoped to catch something on the break, and they did, and fair play to them, it worked!

Ok, so what do people think about the 24 team format? I personally liked it, having watched many of these Euro and WC’s over the years, the two teams coming out of a group has lead to the first round of group matches being very negative and teams not wanting to lose, however, having the opportunity of 3rd placed sides getting through it took that negativity away and the first matches seemed to get some winning games, however, having said all that, it has lead to a drop in quality slightly, thats because poorer sides have been in the tournament, i.e. Iceland, Northern Ireland, Albania etc and it seems that format is the way ahead according to UEFA so we can expect more of the same, but on the upside, it has meant an extra week of games, so as a football fan we can’t moan at that!!!

Overall, I have enjoyed it, the underdog stories have been the best for me, and the England team, were completely predictable, absolute dogshit, and I don’t see that changing for many years to come.

Generally thought, its been good, roll on 2020!


I would usually watch as many games as possible in a tournament like this but just picked and chose which ganes to watch this time round. I think thats the way forward really.

I didnt mind the expanded tournament but I kind of wish they kept it to a quarter final stage after ghe groups. That would make for some savage group stage matches I reckon with only two second place teams going through. They’d never do it of course because it would mean 8 less games .


how would it work anyway? How do you properly split a 24 teams field into 8 teams to play in the QF.


Six group winners, two best second place sides. Rank the group winners 1-6 and the other two 7th and 8th. 1st plays 8th and so on or even just an open draw. No less contrived than the current set up.

The Heineken cup (rugby) operated that system for years.