Ethan Nwaneri

We all want youngsters to get a go but honestly Nwaneri is not the example to use. He is 16.

Should have got minutes in the last CL game but apart from that, it’s quite reasonable for him to not have really played.

Conor Bradley has played a season already at Bolton and has 13 international caps. Not quite the same as Nwaneri.

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Bobby Clark on the other hand…

Reuell Walters and Lino Sousa were also present on the bench.

It’s meaningful to the player and to their entourage. And if by the off chance they impress, that eventually leads to more minutes down the line.

Versus Liverpool probably wasn’t the moment for that. 5-0 up to Lens…that was it. How else do you develop young players if not through exposure?

The annoying thing is that we could reasonably be here 1 year later saying the same thing.

Still 18 though

It’s not just about Nwaneri for me. Walters is 19 and Sousa is 18.

Walters is the one I’m surprised hasn’t been tried. We’ve had plenty of injuries at fullback and underperforming players. I think he could’ve gotten some minutes in any of the cups.

Arteta just doesn’t like too much rotation, I don’t think it’s anything to do with age.

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Jordan Henderson’s next move


I’m not sure the age argument holds up. Doesn’t Nwaneri have a professional contract with us? Yes? Then he’s available to use should he be needed.

If it was Wenger, he’d have a couple of games under his belt by now. Not saying this is a better approach than Mikel’s, just an observation.

Don’t see how Nwaneri playing a few minutes here and there will kill his career.

Nwaneri is who I’m referring to here. Overall, there is more of an argument that youngsters should get a shot, but with Nwaneri specifcally, I can’t really see how anyone can reasonably justify it as anything other than what is to be expected at this age.

I guess the main point with Nwaneri is why put him on the bench in the first place if you’re not planning to use to him. 3 times he’s made the bench in the last month alone.

My main point isn’t about Nwaneri. It’s more macro than that. Giving game time to an academy prospect is done on the off chance that they do bloom. When Saka made his debut alongside Gilmour and Medley, I doubt anyone was thinking any of those players would be playing for Arsenal past 22.

Neither Gilmour and Medley are anything but they do help sell the story that Arsenal gives young players a chance. That story is very much fading into mythology.

Obviously whether this is a something to be angry/unhappy about depends on perspective.

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All that demonstrates to me, is that our squad is still too thin and so we are fielding youth on the bench to make up numbers


Not saying play him consistently, give the kid minutes

Had no idea both had spent time at Chelsea

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