Ref gives yellow card to player. Video referee in the truck says no no, It’s a red. Ref gives red card. In a professional match!

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Really not so complicated. And it was an obvious red. Can’t believe the bigger leagues still aren’t employing something like this. Football is so slow to use technology.


Should’ve made it clear that (despite the thread title) this was in the KNVB cup and not the league.

It was sort of a trial, they’re doing it again tonight at Feyenoord - FC Oss. I think the videoref is allowed to advice on red card decisions, goal/not a goal decisions (has the ball passed the goalline) and offside decisions when there has been scored (so not all offside situations).

Offside too? Would be bullshit imo.

Big step in history of mankind.

Sorry, I was wrong. I remembered reading about three things they’re allowed to judge, just looked it up and they are allowed to advice every situations concerning a red card, a penalty kick or a goal.

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Ok thanks.

Couldn’t have been offside, because that would only just create more problems than solutions at this point.

They shouldn’t even be using a person for the goal one. Goal line technology should take care of that 100% (maybe it does and it’s just the video ref guy gets beeped?). In regards a penalty and a red card it still comes down to some guys opinion so i’m not sure it will increase consistency. Good to see it being given a shot all the same.

Of course it will. It’s the difference between a very informed opinion and one that is vulnerable to all kinds of perception biases, and is, in this sense, uninformed. It’s not like this is some new innovation in sport. Practically every other popular modern sport has employed it with success.

I don’t understand why aiding in offsides decisions would cause more problems than solutions, either, tbh. I think that’s the kind of opinion you heard from american tackleball fans, baseball fans, and basketball fans before they employed it and realised it worked.

  1. It’s offside
  2. no

Nah you’re right. Its not like there’s ever any disagreement over whether or not a penalty should have been given after the fact and after about a million replays. :wink:

Some refs are more lenient than others. No reason to think that won’t also apply if you put then in a video box.

How exactly is a video ref going to aid in offside? I think the how is the first problem, the second problem is the when? Is it only after a goal is scored? Or will the video ref be watching and call play back? Do we still need linesmen in this scenario?

Like i say its good to see it being tried out im just not convinced it will work.

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Justin Kluivert and Jordan Larsson made their debuts today. Especially Kluivert is exciting. We need some good/great Dutch players again.

Both are basically mini me’s of thier dad’s looks wise. If they are even half the player’s they will both have a great career.

Van Bronckhorst keeps winning with Feyenoord. It would be a massive story if he wins the League with his youth club who haven’t been champion since 1999. But, unlike the Premier League, the Eredivisie is a little more fickle. All the next 13 games are going to count.


Not suprising that happens at Ajax. The Dutch club of the biggest cunts.

Big one for van Bronckhorst and Feyenoord. They win 2-1 against PSV who are now 11 points behind. Ajax seems to be the only competitor at this point…

Yesterday my Dutch team Vitesse reached the final of the cup for the first time in 27 years, and for the fourth time in total. We’ve never won anything, the final is April 30th, exactly 14 days before we celebrate our 125 birthday as a club.

It does mean I’m missing the NLD but for once I don’t even care, over the moon with the result and I can’t wait for the final!


How about van Bronckhorst as a future Arsenal management candidate?

We’ve had talk of Henry, Bergkamp, Adams, Vieira coming back to the club, well in terms of ex-players then van Bronckhorst has been comfortably the most successful in managerial terms to date, once he leads Feyenoord to their first title in 20 odd years