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Great news. Spurs are never going to be competitive next season with Kane and Alli suspended for most of it :smile:


Vardy is another fucking rat that loves a dive…has a face i wanna punch so much!

I reckon though they are shouting from the rooftops about something they are not going to act upon though really imho. They had a campaign about respect and that players could be fined or carded etc for just surrounding the ref or swearing at the ref, i dont see anything happening tbh!

Great decision

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Finally Arsenal will win some more games :wenger:

Nope, it will be retrospective so it will be sorted out after the game has been fucking ruined. These twats have said they will do a lot of things like the ‘respect’ campaign…yeah i have seen it has been ever so successful :bellerin:

This will probably be biased also, if Maureen moans it will be looked into and rewarded, with us a blatant dive ‘we have allowed this because there was contact, not enough to fall but it is still deemed a foul’ can see it now, it will be another war on refs and adjudicators being consistent, on team will get rewarded and a few weeks later the same fucking things happens and there will be excuses.

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It’s only going to be worth something if every game and player is looked at the same way but we all know that cases that are highlighted more by the media won’t and that we’ll hear endless excuses on how certain players are ‘smarter’ than the others when going down easily.

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Bunch of nose in trough fossils who know fkk all about footie.

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No they fucking won’t. They’ll ban one or two cunts and then it will be quickly forgotten about.

Curious to know @AbouCuellar thoughts on this, seeing as he’s rather pro diving being part of gamesmanship :campbell:

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Totally in favour of it. I’ve always said, diving will be gamesmanship until football governing bodies finally react and add video technology and retrospective bans. Until that happened players were well within their rights to take advantage of defenders’ getting themselves in poor positions and refereeing not being perfect. That said, retrospective bans should be reasonable until players adapt to the new rules…all in favour of bans for shit dives but for ones that are more reactionary/close, like Suárez’s typically, the punishment should be more lite in the interim.

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I highly doubt that the FA will be consistent and correct will the calls they make.


Diving isnt necessarily a case of poorly positioned defending, or even any fault of the defender.

Find it strangely contrary that you would even say that tbh.

Did I say it was necessarily that?

I’m against this idea, it’s a disease of the game that needs to be sorted out in real time. Enough of this halfway house solution, stop making excuses and get the real solution in place.

I want players who dive against Arsenal, e.g. Kane in the NLD, punished then and there, not subsequently when we’ve already been adversely affected


But the issue with this is sometimes a player is punished for diving when he hasn’t actually dived. The referee doesn’t always get the call right whereas with retrospective action you’ve at least got the benefit of being certain that banning said player is correct.

The Kane incident wouldnt even make the discussion table. This is were the problem lies really. A bit like that Eduardo one against Celtic years ago we got over turned somehow.
@PPB says punditry influences the out come of this hugely.

Oh yeah there will be mistakes made, whether the solution is made proactive (video tech) or reactive (retrospective action).

I have no problem with players tumbling in the box after a slight collision with a defender , as long as they’re straight back on their feet again going after the ball, not staying on the ground and looking around for the ref.

Instilling fear into the players of punishment is the only way to cut diving down by a large percentage. The majority of penalties given would actually then be penalties, and hopefully we’d see FAR fewer of them in the game

Overall I think the net gain of doing SOMETHING would be positive, but in the richest/most watched league in the world, I think you might as well bring about the revolutionary change here first and then let it filter down the leagues once proven successful

There is absolutely no reason not to do both. And not doing both shouldn’t rule out doing this.