Not necessarily an England fan—you’re colonial fucks with bland food—BUT I am a fan of many of the individual England players.

This is a golden generation and you got sidegate at the helm…

If he’s not sacked soon you (we) will all be regretting it in ten years time.

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A billion dollar team has a shit manager

My key takeaway from this game is Ben Chilwell is absolutely awful.

England had something like 200 passes completed in the first 10 - 15 minutes. No better example of pointless possession. The back 4 and Rice had more touches on the ball than any of the other players in that period and it remained that way for most of the game.

Maddison had some good opportunities to drive into the box but his first touch was shit on each occasion. And he was playing in the left of a front 3, which was weird. Kane hardly had a sniff but still was the difference maker with that assist for Walker. Saka was kept in check by the defender for the most part. Playing Henderson was pointless, especially in this game. And if this was the first time you were seeing Bellingham, you’d not come away very impressed. And I guess that’s what Southgate’s style and tactics do.

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This is the problem with international football.
We’ve had to miss a whole PL week because of another match that hardly anyone is bothered about.

Most non tournament international matches are boring, a lot of them are meaningless and the viewing figures reflect this.

Who seriously prefers watching England than PL football and how many games have they played that have genuinely been exciting?

I watched the game yesterday and it was the first time I thought Southgate was not at it. I really have a lot of regard for how he got England performing when other managers have been unable to cut through the noise that surrounds the squad and the pressure that’s crippled the players over the years.

But he’s gone down the “Club England” route, there’s no excuse for a couple of those selections yesterday, especially Maguire. It’s gotten stale.

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Bellingham is so good. What I imagine an injury-free Diaby would have been for us


Selecting Eddie was pure deflection for the continued selections of Maguire and Henderson

He had him out in the press conference like it really mattered, didn’t make the bench for the first game and doesn’t play a single minute in tonights game

Utter clown is what Southgate is


Southgate logic = “Foden cannot play in midfield for England cos he doesnt play there for City”

Also Southgate logic = “Phillips needs to start because he doesnt start for City and he needs game time”

Clown :clown_face:

Lets not kid ourselfs the fa crap at appointments it be Gerrard who be lined up next.


When Garry met Harry


Could protect him by not playing him in a pointless friendly against a set of fans that were always going to take the piss.

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it was Southgate throwing him under the bus by picking up and keep playing him.

Now what position does Jarrod Bowen play?

Saka implications methinks


That’s far too sensible.
Southgate will start with Saka, then run him into the ground and maybe bring on Bowen a few minutes from the end of the game, then send an injured Saka back to us.


fuck sake lol. I was convinced he’d see some rest. The only way he gets withdrawn is if he’s not used versus Man City.

Congrats to Eddie for retaining his England place


Trent is now listed as a midfielder. When did that happen?

Fraudgate will play Saka for 90+ against Aus and Italy :sweat_smile:

A while back, he’s been using him in midfield recently and it’s been working very well.

Is there a reason why Pope didn’t make it?