England thread


And many babies will be born ~9 months after WC final with the names Harry, Dele, and Gareth =)


Image if they won the WC. There would be riota for months. Modric and Hazard/Mbappè need to save the world :unai:


I really thought you loved your adopted homeland GFI, this is most disappointing :frowning:


Don’t like cunts like the ones shown above. Still love some parts of he UK though.



Daily Mail going to link Sterling as the culprit again.


That’s a pretty clear implication.


It’s only pretty clear if you’re trying to reach your own conclusion.

If I had explicitly said ONLY working class people behave like cunts in public you may have a point. I never said or implied that, you’re reaching for sure. I made a observation about the kind of people who gather and do damage in the wake for sporting victory or loss.

I think it’s pointless for a moderator especially to drag this discussion out on a total non point, continuing to derail the thread with pointless back and forth posts.


Benidorm :face_vomiting:


You couldn’t pay me to go to Benidorm. Full of brits abroad. The worst.


What the fuck is wrong with European police though. Absolute nut jobs.


Didnt you go to Ibiza in the summer?


I went to Ibiza in 2016. Don’t see why that matters tbh





I wonder for how many others he said that.


Fecking Irish. :bellerin:


They will be screening the England Croatia game at Hyde park on Wednesday. 30k free tickets. Register for ballot today.




I guess I’m too old, but if I’m not at the game, I’d rather watch at home with some friends as opposed to being in a public place with tens of thousands of knuckleheads.