England thread


Tell that to the whole “West Ham won the world cup in 1966” trope :wink:


I think it’s ridiculous to not want Germany to win WW2 because you don’t like Nazis lol. At this moment in time they represent Germany




Pissin myself at the moans and groans of the anti English online



I’ve seen some shit analogies in my time, but that sir is quite impressively shit.


I didn’t even want to dignify it with a response.


Shame they are still cunts :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking for myself, no, not at all. It was an English commentator speaking to an English audience about two players who play in England, why would it bother me if he brings up their head to head record before they go head to head for a penalty? It seems like the natural thing to do.


When Robin van Persie glided in the air like a Dutch seal to greet that ball on his shiny forehead did YOU stop to THINK?

When the ball looped over a gobsmacked Casillas to send the Netherlands and the football universe into raptures did YOU in that moment stop to THINK?

When you and your mates jumped up and down in jubilation drenched in beer did you stop to THINK about fuckin Man Utd and Arsenal???

No mate so tell me - as an Arsenal AND England fan, why the FUCK should I be thinking about anything but World Cup glory.

When the players put on that glorious shirt with the Three Lions on the chest I back them to the moon.

By the way massive assumption by me that you’re a Dutchman. For all I know you could be Greek. But the Three Lions in my heart evoke such emotion so forgive me.

:musical_note: THIRTY YEARS OF HURT



When van Persie made that move it never really bothered me like it did others. I never held that move against him because of where both clubs where at that point of his career.

The way people talk here about United and especially Spurs though. We can’t even name their thread properly…but I really should stop argueing this.


And what doesn’t bother me is that Pochettino and Wenger caused this situation where England is all Spurs and co.

Why should I change because Wenger was fucking shit at his job?

Yeah Wilshere, Walcott, Ox, Chambers etc could have been our English representatives but it didn’t happen so fair play to Spurs for doing the business.

Cammon England :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Wenger gave the platform & opportunities to these English players you listed.
Them not taking their chances & making a strong case for England is down to them.

Didn’t bother rest of International players we had to get selected for their respective team whilst being managed by Wenger.


You really think Spuds are that much worse than Nazis?




Hmm yeah so all our lads were just crap even though…

One of them goes to Liverpool and within half a season transforms his career from being totally out of contention to a nailed on starter for England.

And a player once widely lauded for his outrageous potential like Wilshere… develops into a bum…

And by magic, other talents that worked under Poch, Klopp and Pep developed rather well.

Cool Wenger had nothing to do with it. Pure coincidence. Banter.


Some will. Some wont. For me it did. I would of loved Ospinia to have won them the game.


You honestly think people are pissed because England are doing well?

It’s not the fact that every tournament you’re worse than Liverpool fans with this “it’s our year” crap even before a ball has been kicked, look at the smugness that’s been going on and you’ll understand why people laugh at England and want them to crash out. It’s because 90%,of England fans are fucking unbearable.


Pretty much this. The media get fucking unbearable about now and the percentage of empire loyalists appear everywhere.
Singing that dirge of an anthem in game time, rule britannia and a like. All reasons why I personally have no affinity with them.
Half a dozen spuds dont help with this crop either.


Aye when Wales were doing wonders at the Euro’s all they got from us was respect and applause. Class of Bale, Ramsey and co brilliant work. :clap:t3:

But when it’s us lot doing mildly alright you lot wanna talk smack?!?

The England team and fans have endured mad shit over the last 50 years fella I don’t think any of us had a shred of arrogance left about our team.

And also fyi to some of you, the England team ain’t the media, the politicians or the right wing wankers. They’re a sports team end of. You having a problem with the nation itself is a different matter.