England thread


haahahahaha im dying ffs :poldi::poldi:


Red is the colour of blood. What comes out when you get shot? Blood. And what colour is blood? Red, like I said.



Deja Vu.




It’s better if you secretly support Spurs. :bellerin:


It makes no sense whatsoever. Probably our second best player but various sections of the media are doing their utmost to unsettle him.

Sterling seems to get absolutely rinsed on a regular basis - some of those headlines are fucking ridiculous.


The Sun are an absolute parody

Yesterday they were screaming about guns and today


Even Sky Sports News are at it



Sterling the mad gun-wielding 2 year old


He played 33 of their 38 league games last season. Aseason where they set a PL record of a hundred points for the best coach in world football. Hes not perfect but he improved greatly last season.


Yes i agree he improved this season. And i still think he is an absolute crap footballer. Looking forward to see ehat he does this summer with England, i dont expect much tbh.


He is by no means a crap footballer and to say that any mug can perform as he did for Pep is a huge reach.

Pep can only use players with a certain skillset the majority of players probably wouldn’t cut it in his team, where was Pep when Stirling was ripping it up for Liverpool? Sure Sterling isn’t the best finisher but his all round game is quite good indeed and he’s clearly improving which is evident from his excellent season.

Not sure how a player that got those numbers and had such decisive performances can be considered crap.


Lol that’s a ridiculous thing to say. He’s a very gifted player. Far from being “absolute crap”.

And in terms of England, him and Harry Kane are probably our best players going into the tournament.


No dude, you’re making the Danish contingent on OA look bad!

For like a decade it’s just been me so I’ve set like a super high average and benchmark, don’t drag it downwards bro!


I cant help it. Its my honest opinion on him. I dont rate him whatsoever.


How can you say he is a crap player, but be has improved this season? Think he is at least a good one.


I think i will make a report on him and elaborate why he is a shocking footballer. It will come in the evening or tommorow i dunno.


“Negative story about England you say? I have just the picture to accompany that…”

Fucking Sterling. First he promotes gun crime and now slavery.


They aren’t even trying anymore.

They only had his picture available huh? Damn.


Developing world workers should receive a fair wage!