England thread


Bendtner is going to have a fieldday against this weak ass Southgate team.


So just me who think there is a decent team in there?

Walker - Cahill - Stones - Rose
— Henderson - Eric Dier
----------- Dele Alli
---- Sterling - Kane - Vardy

ummm…It’s not great but better than last tournament.


That Spurs influence :eyes:


I cba to check but that’s surely not far off what the team would have been at the last tournament


I would put vardy on the bench and replace him with lingard


Yeah I don’t think he’ll start Kane and Vardy together. Vardy will probably be used as an impact sub.

When we’re still drawing 0-0 with Panama after 75 minutes, on comes Jamie to save us.


And yet they always win nothing :rofl:


Dier and Henderson together is an awful paring.

Sideways passing galore and will buckle under pressure, they have 3 of those type in the squad and yet he couldn’t find room for Lallana, Wilshere or Shelvey that suit a possession based approach.

If they make that far the possession thing will go out the window against the better sides.


Team of plumbers.


Why does it have to be possession based football?
Heck that’s the worst version for this set regardless of Shelveys, or your Lallanas being included.

Having Vardy, Sterling, Dele Alli should be enough for counter attacking football with solid base.


Didn’t you know? Because that’s what Southgate is dead set on playing, he really thinks that’s the way forward :rofl:

I’ve said counter attacking is the way they should be playing a la in the vein of Liverpool.


Oh didn’t know.
This will not end well


We’ll be three at the back, likely with Walker as one of the 3. Have been doing it in friendlies and looked pretty good for me. Shame we probably won’t start Kane and Vardy, but Vardy is a great sub to have up the sleeve…




I so hope that’s true


Then he didn’t let in a single goal for the rest of the day

Definitely not true.


I always put up a gazebo in the garden, get the hot tub ready, put up a big screen TV, get loads of beers in, loads of burgers and sausages…Normally what I call my World Cup outdoor month…

Invite friends and relatives round, get all excited, and hope and pray that England can do us proud, and I always go into this extremely positive that my England can get to the semis at least…

This year, I’ve just asked a few mates to come round on the 18th and 24th of June, and settled for the fact that on the 28th, it will be just me watching as Belgium send us home…Sad times indeed…


Not the expected team at all. Glad Hart is dropped though, he’s been in crap form this season. I had high hopes for Forster a season ago, a keeper I rated rather high. But I don’t know what he’s been up to this season, put in some really horrible performances for Soton. Not what you would expect a WC year. The inclusion of Pope is not a huge surprise and very well deserved indeed!

No Wilshere, Shelvey or Llallana is a gutsy move by Southgate. But he may have a solid team effort instead, playing on the counter. I don’t think Wilshere or Llallana deserved a call up, but Shelvey has improved throughout the season and could’ve done a decent job.

I don’t know what to expect of this team. I hope they do well, but on paper… :grimacing:


Not much news in the world according to the sun


Genuinely the biggest scum on the earth

After reading Sterling’s explanation what they’re doing is a bit stalkerish now tbh. Feel like the courts should step in.