England thread


Southgate is a hack.

That midfield is crying out for Wilshere, England will do fuck all at the World Cup with that underwhelming midfield.

It’s a blessing in disguise for Jack though because you just know he’d come back crocked as fuck.


I’ve always hated this quote.


Lol its all the scum players…which means England really won’t do shit now…and now I can officially switch my allegiance to my German side. Forza Germany or whatever the German rallying cry is!!


Tut mir leid. :giroud3:


Why would you support England anyways? :stuck_out_tongue:




They usually sing: Deutschland, Deutschland schießt ein Tor, schießt ein Tor, schießt ein Toooooooooooooor.

or if it’s too complicated: Deutschland vor, schießt ein Tor.


I thought that was going to mean something else. :eyes:


You’re looking for “scheißt”


This is why Southgate will ultimately fail. Made a comment about Wilshere not playing and has doubled down by giving false hope the English hopefuls who’ll never and aren’t good enough to be England regulars instead of bring Jack into the fold.

Looks foolish


He’ll also fail because England aren’t very good.


I actually think England have a pretty good squad on paper. Current squad is very talented, what we lack is the right manager, Radical appointment needed


Midfield is absolutely trash and that’s a key reason as to why England will achieve fuck all.


Trash as it may be, games arent won on paper and we have an abundance of attacking talent.

Club wise the work Pochettino and Guardiola are doing may have a real impact by the time the tournament comes around.


If your midfield is crap I don’t see how you can have a good tournament.

And that’s being kind to England, Southgate seems set on a possession based approach which is laughable and with a midfield that’ll include the likes of Dier, Henderson and the like it’s going to be pretty difficult to watch.

Sideways pass galore and weak under pressure.

And what impact did the work Poch do have on the last tournament? Hodgosn essentially picked the Spurs team and they were God awful, I don’t expect anything less this time around.


Hodgson, Allardyce and then Southgate are just not good enough to win the big tournaments.
Apart from Kane Alli and possibly Sterling there are no real top quality players, so unless we get a top foreign manager we’re not going to win anything with the group of players we have, and Southgate.


About time Cork was called up.


Why? They have Kane and Alli :wenger:


While one of the reason for England’s failure has been lack of talents in recent years, I also feel there is an absence of style of football.

The football on display is very circumstancial. Never thought there is a plan in an already existing mess of who is good enough to play.

Germany has a style, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Chile (in between) and ofcourse Italy.
I don’t watch International football as much so I can be wrong.
So does England have a style in your opinion?


No they do not. Every time I watch them I don’t know how they are trying to play. It’s always disjointed and very individualistic never as a team. What do they say “that English grit” or whatever no style no substance. I’m not sure if it’s the manager or the players that are incapable of playing a certain way


Benitez for England?