England thread


I used to cheer for England but with so many unlikable cunts in the team I’m Germany now.




The youngsters are definitely doing the business. It’s going to be great in a few years when we win the Euros, World Cup, Confederation Cup, The Apprentice and X Factor :giroud3:


It’s 4-2 now


Incredible. What a great group of players.



Unfortunately not much Arsenal talent involved, only Emile Smith-Rowe, Josh DaSilva, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Rob Holding and Calum Chambers.


The problem is the big men :mustafi:


Great success at youth levels. Hopefully we see technical players like Winks and Wilshere in CM in next summers World Cup.


Sounds like they got a good generation of talent coming through. How will they make sure these guys breakthrough into their senior teams though.


They’re going to ring their respective clubs and tell them that they should play these players because “they could be the next Harry Kane”.


Jadon Sancho themselves. :eyes::sunglasses:


Pretty much, If any of these guys are smart they shouldn’t dismiss interest from foreign clubs.

Less money and less exposure but will become better footballers for England as a result




Sounds like Mr Wenger is fishing for some credit :henry2:


This is the thing. I can’t help but think a lot of them won’t even get a chance to shine – especially if the likes of City and Chelsea continue to stockpile them. I mean, look at Chelsea’s academy. They’ve won the FA Youth Cup for the last four years, but the only player from those 4 years who has really made any impact is Tammy Abraham.

Also, this doesn’t apply as much to the under 17s as they are still pretty young, but in terms of the under 20s who won the World Cup a few months ago – they had 19/20 year olds who had barely kicked a ball for their club all season. Of course there are exceptions, but you’d think at that age you might have made it on some level already – look at the way Rooney, Owen, even Theo Walcott, all burst onto the scene.


“I was the first to play youngsters as first choices” :henry2:


Thank you Mr Wenger for not training any of the 14 young Englishmen that played in this final and corrupting them with your loser mentality. It was a big help.


I never knew you felt that way, man.



“I hope in the future we have a core of the English national team,”

“What we have learned over the past two World Cups is that Spain won it with six players from Barcelona and this time Germany won it with six players from Bayern Munich - I hope England can win it with six players from Arsenal.”


Oxlade-Chamberlain used to always get in the England squad when he played for Arsenal. Just saying.