Emoji Thread

Trying to sort out the emoticons in here.






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I think they are fine myself. :slight_smile:

Some of them looked a little stretched but some of the others like Coquelin and Giroud look spot on. So I guess they need to be whatever size they are :slight_smile:

At least they’re back to a normal size :slight_smile:

best thing on OA, glad they’re back. love that they have their own tab too :wenger:

Apart from all our wonderful posters of course :Gunnersaraussmileyplease: @Bl1nk :slight_smile:

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[quote=“shamrockgooner, post:7, topic:61”]
Apart from all our wonderful posters of course
[/quote]Even GFI and all his multi posting? :wenger:

And yes, get Gunnersaurus onboard :smiley:




:sanchez: :sanchez2:

:ozil2: :welbeck:







I see we have an Iwobi smiley now, that snuck under the radar :iwobi:

If I were a girl waking up to see Iwobi smile, I would feel raped.

Great chap and all but that smile is sneaky.

Atom and Hunber smiley needed

What can i do to help this happen?


:yawn: yawn

:giroud3: giroud3

:kroenke: kroenke

Would like to add Holding and Monreal as well, but I couldn’t find any decent ones. Feel free to suggest some

Sanchez (first smiley was barely used)


@Mysty right now


Actually, I agreed with Bl1nk to remove Rozza. Sadly, he just never got used anymore, so wasn’t much point keeping it. Nonetheless, enjoy the new ones! We got lots of goodies coming soon :giroud3:



That could be the case for the club IRL too.

Remove the Xhaka one or at least stop Luca from being able to use it.



How many more Arsene Mugabes are we gonna get? :giroud3:

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