Emirates Cup thread


Well the Emirates cup is back. If interested…


great lineup. RB especially.

Love to see Keita live. (unless ive got confused and its another team he plays for).


@Persona, Leipzig are coming :hipster:


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Yeah, plastic club who you supported until some weeks ago :hipster:

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I didn’t take a second glance at the badge but I thought it was NYRB lol.


Red Bull Leipzig :flushed: :laughing:

Our standards really are slipping

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Fixed that for you

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whats wrong with Leipzig? They are a fascinatingly successful club.


The line up does look like it’s getting progressively worse. The first few years we held this tournament we had the likes of PSG, Real Madrid, Atletico, Inter Milan and Juventus taking part. Now we get teams like Wolfsburg, Villarreal, Benfica and RB Leipzig. Perhaps that’s a reflection on our own steady decline.

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I’d imagine its more to do with getting in some cheapy teams and increasing profit. :slight_smile:


All those teams are going to be in the champions league next season, so it should prepare us nicely for the Europa League.


Most likely has something to do with the International Champions Cup all of the big clubs participate in during pre-season, Celtic were reportedly being paid £1m per game.

This summer they’re even having their own el clasico

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Just preparing ourselves for the Europa League :wenger: :hipster:


Nothing’s wrong with Leipzig. Nice enough town.

RB Leipzig though, well presuming you know the deal behind their formation, I can’t quite believe you’re asking that question :confused:


i read up on it a little after my post earlier. Totally understand now

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Yeah I have nothing against little team success btw and recognise that it mostly can’t be done without money, but there’s a big difference between the likes of Bournemouth, Hoffenheim, Eibar, Alaves (not especially cash rich) etc and then franchise operations like RB Leipzig and Evian

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At least now Evian are playing in the French third tier :wenger:


I’m busy that weekend so won’t be able to watch it but since when did QUEST show football?!


That says a lot about how little Sky or BT want to show this competition anymore :sweat_smile: Good for fans it’s on FTA I guess. Quest are owned by the same people that own Eurosport for example.