Emile Smith Rowe (On loan)


So did Wanyama

Now that’s silly talk


No he did not and no its not…


He did actually Celtic beat Barce 2-1 and Wanyama absolutely bullied the midgets

Don’t embarass yourself Jacky boy wasn’t fit to tie Gaza’s laces, complete different levels,


The only one here embarrasing themselves is you bud.

Like last time dont give two shits about you and your opinion mate so do yourself a favour and dont bother engaging me…



No, I don’t think it’s impossible to engage a brain like yours with it’s 2 remaining brain cells. You’re comparing a player who was possibly the best player in the world at 1 time to a fecking youth talent who was never actually that good anyway.


Blah blah blah…


Hopefully in the future he becomes more of an influence for us, than Theo ever managed, huh @Arsenal4thetreble :wenger:


So good!




Let’s hope the answer to this question is no. For the right reasons.


he has got more about him than walcott, even now and walcott is 12 years his senior.


Yeah he’s emillion times better than Walcott


He is going to need a nickname soon.


If KDB is good enough for De Bruyne then ESR is good enough for Smith-Rowe haha


Could do worse than give this lad a call up to the squad for a couple of games. Think he would have a positive effect on the fans.
Bit of game time against Fulham and involve him at Blackpool. Then just promote him in and around the squad a bit more for now.


Isn’t he injured?


Not sure tbh.


Wasn’t either till someone mentioned him in our injuries list. Has to be if he’s not making the bench at least.


Yeah it was mentioned somewhere. Hopefully he is back soon. We really have some holes right now


I’d like to see him and Willock been given more chances in the PL, I think those two have the most potential to be potential first teamers in the future. Smith Rowe for definite, the guy’s going to be something special. Hopefully we get him signed down to a long term contract, and he doesn’t swan off to City, Chelsea or Liverpool when he hits his very best.