Emile Smith Rowe (On loan)



this guy is they most Kevin De Bruynesque player since the actual Kevin De Bruyne. Left foot, right foot, acceleration, determaniation, vision, driblling, close controle and that wonderful WHIP to his crosses and shots.

love this lad to bits. Gonna be very exciting watching his development.


He is a weird case. Usually real talents in his position like to take reins but he doesn’t. But he’s actually talented. You can see it by the way he controls the ball, his versatility of shooting/passing with both feet and of course his work rate. He really seems like a coach’s player, does exactly what the coach wants. Never about himself, more about the team.


Sounds like he did well the other night?

Any other comments from people who watched the match?


In danish we call it “horny”. He seemed a little horny and overexcited which resulted in him scuffing some dribbles and passes. Overall he looked promising and his talent is not in question. our own KDB !


Well then your just weird up there in Elsinor…:henry2:


Great to see this guy score his first goal for the club :smiley: And here’s a stat to make us all feel old.


Generation Z I think.


We haven’t had youngsters like Emile and Matteo since Fabregas. Yeah, we have seen some of them scoring and playing in the last years, but i feel these 2 have something special in them.


Better than KDB

What a baller :fire::fire::fire:


Lol! Let’s not get carried away now :smile:


Why? Its quite clear he will be the next Kevin De Bruyne non ginger version.


We had Jack. He should have been able to get to that level…


Yeah, but i have never believed Jack could make it here after the first years. He always lacked something.


Based on what?

If he was not crocked he would have been our captain and playmaker for years to come based on his injury free beginnings here.

He was shit hot and better than Gazza as a youngster. Every pundit, fan and newspaper was purring about him as were we.

Sounds like retrospective hindshite.


Is there any other kind of hindsight?


Not to mention he ran a midfield against Iniesta and Xavi in their prime, and subsequently got praised by both. He was the golden boy when he broke onto the scene. Thinking about it, it’s a real shame how it worked out for him.



Right choice to let him go though but such a shame. I remember on the old forum we had a Barca guy who posted fuck Cesc who is that guy after that match. Diaby had a monster as well vs Barca same round I think. Such talent and such bad luck…

Real shame and wish them well.


If I am not wrong Wilshere won Arsenal player of the year that season.
That should tell everything.


This young lad has potential really, play him in Europa group games and Cup games for this season. next season should be his step up to been a Europa league regular. Him, Nelson and Niles should be first team players come two or three years time.